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Get to know Norman Keyes ’20, “The Guy with the Hair”

Name: Norman Arthur Keyes III

Year: freshman

Hometown: Devon, Pennsylvania

Major: Undecided

Clubs/activities on campus: Squash team, Ballroom dance

Favorite thing to watch on Netflix: Sherlock


Hi, Norman! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. First of all, what made you interested in art/sculpture as a medium?

My dad introduced us to art at a young age. He went to art school and works in art, so our house is covered in his art and the kids’… so art’s just everywhere. I like sculpture because for as long as I can remember, I’ve liked building with my hands. When I was little, I’d make Duplo towers and cardboard block towers taller than myself. I’ve just always liked “making.”


You’ve just been commissioned to create a sculpture for the freshman quad. What’s the design?

*scoffs* Can we come back to this later? *10 minutes later* The base would probably be made of the same sandstone the everything else is made out of, just to retain consistency. And it’d be Rutherford B. Hayes holding John Green like Jack and Rose in Titanic. Cast bronze.


Any artists to recommend to the uncultured heathen of Kenyon?

Start with Expressionists or Impressionists. It’s not religious, it’s more about art for the sake of art, so more people can connect to it. Also, it’s pretty, so it’s not Rothko, where you’re just overwhelmed with color.


The public wants to know: what’s the hair routine?

After I shower, I just do a side part with a comb until it dries, then finger-comb it. If I wake up and I have bed-head, I just brush it the way I want it to go, and then I finger-comb it. I don’t shampoo every day—that’s unhealthy. Natural oils are where it’s at.


Favorite ballroom dance and why?

I’m most comfortable with tango and waltz, but samba has been the most fun so far.


Any comments about Deb Ball 2016?

Deb Ball 2016. I have no regrets. I hope to one-up it next year. Can I? Most certainly. Open to requests and commissions.


Favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

Bob Ross, Rick Steves, or Michael Wood documentaries. And chill. With THE Luke Hester.


Best Peirce culinary experience as of yet?

Honestly, probably the endless fried eggs in the morning. They will be there every morning. It is consistent and loyal. It’s never gonna give me up, never gonna let me down. (pause) I can’t say that on the record.


What is the true intended purpose of the Gunderdome?

It should be for pool and teatime, however, both have been rudely interrupted. And, if there’s someone who could get on fixing the pool table, that’d be greatly appreciated.


If you could be any alternative instrument, what would it be?

I’d want to be a pipe organ. You need to build a freaking building around it. I would play Toccata fugue in D minor. That’s, like, the vampire song.


Finally, is there anything else you want Her Campus Kenyon readers to know about you?

You can judge a man by his shoes.


Thanks for meeting with me, Norman!



Image credits:  Brittany Beckley, Norman Keyes, and Amelia Yeager

Amelia Yeager is a sophomore English major and Art History minor from Indianapolis, Indiana. When not writing for Her Campus or for fun, she likes tending to her succulents, discovering new R&B music, and playing with the nearest animal. She can be found applying glitter to her face and appreciating the great outdoors (not simultaneously). 
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