A Foodie's Reaction to Non-Foodies

In my world, food is not just for sustenance; it is truly a work of art. When I was abroad, most people visited art museums and other tourist stations. I, on the other hand, sought out the best bakeries and most authentic or innovative restaurants. My instagram is filled with pastry shops and famous restaurateurs from all over the world. Some might call it an addiction, but I just call it love. The best part of it all is being able to share an amazing meal with people who appreciate it as such: perfection. However, recently I’ve been having more run-ins than usual where people just don’t like basic foods (i.e. chocolate, cottage cheese, blue cheese, peanut butter, BACON). The process a foodie goes through in these moments takes a lot out of us. Because let’s be honest, when you fall so desperately in love with food as I have, you can take the rejection of certain foods as a personal hit.


My initial reaction.

They must be kidding, right? WHO DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE. Maybe I just misheard?


Second phase.

Reality sets in. Usually, my face contorts into something like this:


It’s nothing personal.



But I will question if you’re human and are capable of feeling emotions


On their end, they always tell a story of why.

For example, “My grandma used to always make a banana cream pie for every holiday and one time I puked and haven’t been able to eat it since.” This is usually my reaction:


The final phase…

I have to recognize that not everyone enjoys squid ink pasta and some people just aren’t as adventurous in the foodie realm


In the end,

all I want to do is not feel the pain from all the rejection. *tears*


If you’re a foodie, too, you probably know what I’m talking about. What’s your reaction to people who don’t share your tastes?

Image credit: Buzzfeed