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Five Reasons You Should Start Watching Mad Men

Don’t lie. When you aren’t doing your school work or hanging out with friends, you are most likely illegally streaming movies or catching up on your favorite TV shows. If Mad Men isn’t the show filling your recent Netflix history, then you are wasting your time. Mad Men is one of my personal favorite TV shows today. Even though the show is on its fifth season, it is never too late to start. Here are the five reasons why starting Mad Men is an ABSOLUTE must.

1. Don Draper!

Jon Hamm is honestly beautiful. On the show, he plays an advertising agent working on Madison Avenue. He struggles to keep up and balance hiding his past identity, running one of top ad agencies in the city, and dealing with a difficult wife and three children. His character itself is great, but his acting is even better. Also…he is beautiful to look at.

2. So much drinking…

I mean, who doesn’t want to watch a show where all the characters are literally just getting drunk the entire time? Enough said.


3. The cast is top notch.

Jon Hamm. Elisabeth Moss. January Jones. Kiernan Shipka.

An all-star cast! The acting is absolutely incredible, and something about the dynamic between all of these actors make it impossible for you to change the channel.

4. The 60s!

Don’t lie…I think that everyone has secretly sort of wished that they lived in the 60s at one point or another. Not only does the show casually name-drop the Beatles every so often, it also manages to keep the costumes super classy and accurate.

5. It’s on Netflix…so you have no excuse.

Everyone has a few Netflix series that they devote their school year to completing. I strongly recommend that everyone take up Mad Men, as well. There are only 13 episodes in a season and I promise you will not be bored for a single one. All five seasons are on Netflix, so either log on ASAP or borrow a friend’s password. Mad Men is seriously one of the greatest shows of all time. Just try it out.

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