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A Few Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life


The holiday season is certainly a stressful one. From present to decorating to baking, it sometimes seems as if we spend more time worrying and less time simply enjoying the company of our loved ones. And, though all presents require thought, guys can be particularly hard to purchase for. Either he has it all or just refuses to admit what he is longing for you to get him. Hopefully this small collection of suggestions will help you spend less time stressing-out and more time snuggling by the fire with a warm cup of cocoa and a cashmere blanket.  

Nike Free Run 2 iD Sneakers

These are perfect for your man. Sneakers are like a girls perfect tan t-shirt bra: an everyday necessity. He can wear these to class or maybe they’ll even motivate a little more gym attendance!

Bose Headphones

Sometimes he just needs to tune out the world and these headphones are perfect for that. They are noise-cancelling which means you can play Taylor Swift as loud as you want, and he can listen to his own beats.

Merino Crewneck Sweater

J. Crew offers a wonderful collection of perfect winter sweaters. Available in a variety of colors and styles, you can find one just right for your guy. But he better watch out because you’re probably going to steal this one right back out of his closet.  

Tickets to a Big Game:

He will be especially grateful to a pair of tickets to a basketball game or a concert. You can even grab dinner before and make a night out of it. After all, any time spent with you is time well spent.

Cookies & Treats

Who doesn’t love sweets? Especially if they are shaped like a Christmas tree. Make your guy some homemade Christmas treats and he will appreciate the time it took you to slave away in the kitchen. But, if you’re in a time crunch or just not the best in the kitchen, try the Dancing Deer Baking Company. They promise delish treats in Christmas, Hanukah, or any holiday theme you can imagine.

Beats By Dr. Dre Portable Speakers
These speakers give off great sound and are perfect for all settings. He can bring them to a frat party or just play some music on a casual night in. These are sure to impress both him and his friends.

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