Espresso Yourself: Outfits Based on Your Wiggin Street Coffee Order

We all love going to Wiggin Street Coffee to get our weekly (or daily) coffee treat. And for most of us, our coffee order is something very close to our heart. So why shouldn’t it influence our sense of fashion? Lena, Her Campus’s resident barista, and Rebecca, amateur fashion expert, teamed up to come up with your ideal outfit based on your coffee order!



If you drink Americanos, you probably have a serious side. You might write free verse poetry in your free time, or play piano concertos. Your style reflects your attitude: professional and put together.


Earl Grey Tea

If you drink Earl Grey Tea, you might feel cold all the time. You also probably love the classics, and may wish you were in England right now. That’s why we chose rain boots for your outfit, because you probably wish it was raining most of the time… so you could have an excuse to drink more tea.



You’re probably a chill girl if you drink mochas. They have all the comfort of a hot chocolate with an added caffeine boost. You probably also love comfy clothes, and rock a laid-back-chic look regularly.


Vanilla Latte

Vanilla latte girls know how to keep in touch with their girly side. You could have played tennis as a child, and maybe have a Lily Pulitzer dress (or two). You probably like the color pink… a lot.



If you order a chai regularly (and especially dirty chai), you’re probably the kind of girl who listens to folk music, wears flannels, and does morning yoga. You also probably love the Pacific Northwest, big dogs, and might run a nature tumblr on the side.


Black Coffee

If you order black coffee, you know what you want. Maybe you’re straightforward, maybe a little punk. Either way, baristas everywhere respect your wish to keep things simple.


Iced Coffee

If you drink iced coffee, you’re probably pretty chic and a little sassy. Think Hannah from Pretty Little Liars. You probably tell great jokes and have a laid-back demeanor. Plus, you never have to worry about your coffee getting cold!


Does your order match up with your style?  Try out these suggestions and you’ll be all fitted for your next coffee break. See you at Wiggins!  


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