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In Defense of Greek Life

When you think about Greek life at Kenyon, you undoubtedly think about parties and alcohol, and a recent article in the Kenyon Collegian perpetuated that image by discussing all of the alcohol infractions that sororities and fraternities have dealt with this semester. But I’m here to tell you that there’s so much more to Greek life than that! As a proud member of Kappa Sigma Alpha, I work hard to maintain a reputation based on my commitment to bettering the campus and the community.

We at HCK would therefore like to propose a counter image of Greek Life; here is a list of the reasons why being a member of a Greek organization has shaped my experience at Kenyon for the better

  1. Volunteering: Greeks do more for this campus and the surrounding community than just throw parties. Community service is mandatory for Greek members and almost everyone goes above and beyond the minimum number of hours required. And have you noticed everyone gearing up for Relay for Life? Greeks are a huge part of this, and have dedicated countless hours to spread awareness and fundraise for this worthy cause.

    Plus, every organization finds time in their busy schedules to volunteer with an organization that has a special meaning to them. Some of my favorite memories with my sorority sisters come from serving hours at Emeritus, a retirement home in Mount Vernon. We’ve had the opportunity to bond with each other as we give back to a deserving organization and group of people.

  1. Connections: Though (currently) none of the sororities at Kenyon are nationally affiliated, being a part of a Greek life is an opportunity to make connections. Kenyon graduates that were part of a sorority or fraternity have a special place in their hearts for their respective organizations—they know what being a member is all about—and it allows you to forge a bond with people you may never have even met. So whether you’re looking for jobs, internships, or even just some advice, being a part of a Greek organization gives you a network of people to turn to.

  1. Social Opportunities: When I talk about social opportunities, I don’t mean that I’ve been invited to more parties. Rather, I mean that I have met so many more people through joining a Greek organization than I would have otherwise. Whether it’s through participating in Greek Week, volunteering, or talking to all the girls that go through the recruitment process, I’ve become familiar with more faces on campus, which makes the feeling of the tight-knit Kenyon community even stronger.

  1. Resume-Building Opportunities: Being a member of an organization like Kappa Sigma Alpha has given me opportunities to develop a unique set of skills. For the past two years I’ve been Recruitment Chair, so I’ve been planning and implementing the events that showcase our sorority. This has helped me become more organized, communicative and able to think on my feet—three valuable skills to develop for life after college.

  1. The People: The single most wonderful thing about my sorority is the people. By joining Kappa Sigma Alpha, I’ve had the opportunity to become friends with women that I may not have even met otherwise. They come from different parts of the country and bring different talents to our sisterhood and to the campus. Every single person is beautiful, smart, funny, compassionate and thoughtful and they have made my experience at Kenyon so much more meaningful.

So yes, the parties and alcohol might be part of the Greek scene, but it’s the opportunities and friendships that truly make these organizations so worthwhile.


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