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The “In” Crowd: Top 10 Things to Do Instead of Partying on a Weekend Night

Whether you don’t feel like trekking to Old Kenyon in 4-inch heels and a parka or you have to be up before noon the next day, there are going to be some nights when you just aren’t up for hitting the party scene. But on these nights off, you might wonder what exactly to do with the hours between dinner and bedtime when it seems like the entire campus is drunkenly yelling outside your window. Instead of succumbing to boredom, earplugs, and a box of Oreos, recruit a few like-minded friends (or kick it solo) and try out a few of these ideas for a super fun, hangover-free evening.

1. Catch up on your favorite TV show on Netflix or Hulu. Nothing beats an epic marathon of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Pop some popcorn and proudly don that Snuggie for a night of blissful zoning out.

2. Head to Middle Ground before it closes and try one of their rich, delicious milkshakes. I’m partial to strawberry, but all of their flavors are oh-so-tempting.

3. Get ahead on your homework and leave Sunday free for quality relaxation time. You’ll feel totally prepared for the week ahead, not to mention better rested than the other kids in your Monday morning 8:10 lecture class (ouch).

4. The KAC is open till 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, so why not squeeze in a nighttime treadmill session? If the thought of walking all the way down that big hill in the dark sounds unappealing, just think of how great that post-workout smoothie will taste. You’ll get a break from Natty Lite and a healthy dose of SOAPnet.

5. Not up for a full-on workout? Take it down a notch with a game of ping-pong, air hockey, or pool in Gund Gameroom. There’s no better way to blow off steam after a long week of paper writing.

6. The Kenyon Film Society screens great movies like The King’s Speech and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at the KAC Theater on many weekend evenings. Check the schedule, grab your crush, and get a couple of hours of quality handholding!

7. Pump some tunes and clean or decorate your room. Crashing in a chic, organized pad at the end of the day is an amazing stress-reliever.

8. Tired of looking at that chipped mani/pedi? A quiet evening indoors is a perfect time to whip out the nail polish remover and get to work on those digits. Better yet, make it a girl’s night! Invite over your neighbors for a little hall-mate bonding and some salon-style pampering.(http://lippmanncollection.stores.yahoo.net/allproducts.html)

9. Call Mom and Dad. Not only will they be thrilled to get the lowdown on your life’s recent developments, but you’ll also get that warm and fuzzy feeling that can only come from some motherly or fatherly advice.

10. Three words: bookstore ice cream. Get there before 10:30 to see what mouthwatering flavors they’re dishing up tonight.

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