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Post-2020: The Criminally Underrated Shows I Recently Re-Watched

Looking back on what followed after March 2020, I watched some shows that I am proud of being an indulger in, but others, I would much rather have spent that time doing something else. In other words, most of the television shows I watched were out of necessity to live vicariously through multiple characters, as I could not live my regular life then during the height of the pandemic. However, rather than letting you all know all the shows I watched during that time, recently, something new has happened. Many of my close friends and family know that I have never been one to rewatch shows. I just don’t see the appeal in it — you know what will happen, what twists and unexpected circumstances the show will bring, so why sit through the various seasons of the same show again?

Surprisingly, now that some aspects of my life have changed and others have returned to normalcy, I’ve been drawn back to certain shows during that time that I didn’t expect to ever watch again. On the one hand, I feared it would remind me of the far-from-pleasant first months of the pandemic, and on the other, I would have anticipated everything that was going to happen in the show already. While compiling this list, my notions are far from accurate. Although the episodes of these shows remain familiar, they all still captivate me and consistently provide many laughs that I can look forward to in each episode I watch. Also, movies are not included in this list because, for some reason, my attention span cannot extend to a film, yet can go very well towards a show with, say, 11 seasons. So, let’s get into it!

Broad City

This show goes to the top of the list because it is such a feel-good and charismatic work of art. Based on two twenty-year-olds navigating adulthood in New York City, where each day brings a new adventure, it inspires me to bring forth the same spontaneity they carry into my days at Kenyon. Although their lives can be considered chaotic good, their friendship is what I find most beautiful in this series. I feel that every pair of best friends should include an Ilana and an Abbi.

Good Girls

It’s so upsetting that this show was canceled, but alas, it makes its place second on the list because of how engrossing it can be. With this show, I lose track of time because of how well the characters develop over the series, and their motivations for engaging in the heist are ones I empathize with without having gone through it myself.

How I Met Your Mother

Although I watched this show when I was an age that didn’t follow any PG-13 recommendation, I can now understand many of the jokes included. I also appreciate the unique displays of care and love not only through the well-anticipated mother of the series but that of Ted Mosby’s friend group.


I am in love with the ballroom scene, activism, and BIPOC and LGBTQ+ representation of the characters in this show. We can also gain abundant knowledge from the show based on the HIV/AIDS epidemic that severely affected the queer community starting in the 1980s and apply it to the current situation.

Parks and Recreation

Before this show, I hadn’t considered a career in the government. But thanks to Leslie Knope and her fellow bureaucrats, I am considering one! With a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is clear that this show is loved by many, including myself, because of its brilliant shenanigans.

Modern Family

This is the show I mentioned earlier that I can re-watch, as it has 11 perfectly crafted and meaningful seasons. It is a show that I can watch with my family, as it is a comedy that doesn’t force its content and remains so genuine that sometimes I forget the characters are acting.

Even though I now realize I binge-watched most of these shows (which explains why I can now re-watch them but enjoy hem more), I remain fervent in the fact that because they’re all so good, either binge-watching or watching it at a more healthy pace doesn’t change their quality. I invite you all to give these all a watch whenever you feel up for it!

Arianna Garcia is a part of Kenyon's Class of 2025. Her pronouns are she/her/hers, and she's from New York City. She's so excited to share her creativity with you all on this platform!
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