Columbus Airport: Concourse C

The John Glenn International Airport in Columbus is a place many of us know all too well. For most students who rely on air travel to get home for breaks, Columbus is the airport of choice. Also for many students without a car, there are limited options for times you can arrive at and depart from the airport on one of the shuttle services available. This can mean spending a lot of time at the airport. 

The first thing I did was go to Starbucks, which is conveniently located directly in front of security. For me, this was a necessity. I’m a Seattle kid, and I’d really been missing my Starbucks. One advantage of Concourse C is that, as the smallest concourse in the airport, it’s also the least busy, so lines tend to be short. For example, I had my Starbucks coffee five minutes after I entered the terminal. 

Concourse C is relatively small, but there are a few options for food. As I mentioned, there’s Starbucks, a classic. There’s also a pizza place (Donatos), and two other restaurants: American Craft Tavern and PGA Tavern Grill (which also has a to-go counter where you can get pre-made food that’s better than what’s available in the vending machines), both of which offer fairly typical American cuisine. There are also several sets of vending machines with soda and snack food. And, there are two airport marketplace stores (CNBC News Store and Columbus Marketplace), which offer a variety of snacks.

If you're looking for a place to sit down and study (props to you), Concourse C actually leaves you fairly well off: I scored one of these sweet semicircular study nooks, which was really nice, even if the view was only of the parking garage. Beyond that, there are other couches and typical gate seating. Check, though, that your seating area has outlets because not all of them do. If you are looking to charge your phone, they don’t have charging stations like I’ve seen at other airports, but rather this service called fuel rod, which is like a vending machine for portable chargers that claim to offer eight hours of charge to a typical smartphone. I actually really liked this idea! I’ve charged my phone at charging stations before and it’s inconvenient to have to stay in that location, which is usually not right by your gate, as well as the fact that there’s not usually seating, or you risk leaving your phone. 

Concourse C doesn’t offer a lot in terms of entertainment. However, one thing I did notice was that the CNBC News Store has a read and return program. You can purchase a book to read on your flight, read it, and if you return it (maybe after you fly back), you can get a 50% refund. This seemed like a great economical and environmentally friendly way to buy a plane read!

Finally, here’s a picture of a duck I found displayed in the airport which I really enjoyed. (map of all amenities in Concourse C).


Image Credit: Feature, Author