A Collegiette's Guide to Fitness Apps

When I first converted to the world of the iPhone—a very late month ago—I wondered what can this lil guy do for me that’s so great? I was a skeptic to say the least. And while snapchat and instagram are fun, I tend to think that for the most part I don’t need any more reasons to be compulsively checking my phone like the victim of my generation that I am. However, I have found things my iPhone can do for me that I cannot deny the sheer usefulness of. I’m talking about fitness apps.

I’ll be the first to admit that getting my ass to the KAC is a struggle for me. I’ve tried lots of motivational tactics—namely, run 30 minutes and you can get a smoothie! But nothing has gotten me to the KAC as much as my little personal trainer in the palm of my hand (well, those and just starting the day in full workout gear…try it, if you put it on, you’ll really feel bad if you don’t go…and so you will).

1.     The first fitness app I downloaded was the (bonus: free) COUCH25K (C25K). This handy app tracks your workouts (aka, week 1, day 2) and allows you to control your music without even exiting the app or pausing your workout. It coaches you in running intervals by alerting you to walk, run, walk, run and so on. I know not everyone needs their workout so micromanaged, but I find it helpful and also just kinda cool.

2.     Ab Workout/Simply Yoga/and Butt Workout are all free apps. When I’ve clocked in my run and my bike ride, I get a little blue mat and secretly turn on “Ab Workout” which coaches me in a circuit of crunches. It’s also totally customizable (again, even on the free version), so you can pick “Start from Exercise” and your time—5 minutes, 7.5 minutes, etc. Then a nice little video allows you to see what you should be doing and a voice tells you when to move to the next exercise. Little bullet points even give tips on form.

3.     Zombies, Run! is a paid app. While I am not really a zombie-loving kinda girl, the premise for this one was too hard to resist after I read affirmations of it in comments on Jezebel (typical). While I have not exactly completed any “missions,” Zombies, Run! is meant to push you with a motivational narrative. The runner must collect crucial supplies and keep up with the pace to save the town from zombie invasion impending doom.

4.     Nike Training has been mentioned on HCK before, but deserves another shoutout for being a well-designed app with lots of features such as the option to choose your goal—you can aim to get “lean,” “toned,” “strong” or “focused.”

5.     While Sportaneous doesn’t much apply to us here in Gambier, I am intrigued by it (and will perhaps even report back after spring break). Like apps suchs as “NearMe,” Sportaneous uses your current location to help you find a fitness class of any kind no matter where you are. Currently only available in NYC.

6.     BONUS: While I personally am not the type to want to “share” my workouts, I’ve heard that for some this competitive edge, or on the flipside, community feeling, is extremely motivating. Strava allows users to name their workouts, display their routes and stats, as well as give others the all-affirming “kudos” they so crave!