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Thanksgiving break has officially kicked off, and you know what that means: quality time at CMH.

Unless you're road tripping or you live in Mt. Vernon, Kenyon breaks are synonymous with Club CMH. It's where dreams are made and broken; it's where you will undoubtably be on the same flight as that random kid from your English class; it's where you can cope with your hangover by wandering aimlessly through Brooks Brothers and grabbing your first Frappuccino since your last trip to Kroger. I myself am in my second hour at our favorite international airport, and I thought I'd put together a list of CMH rituals for those of you who'll be here later—or who are looking forward to your return.

1. Starbucks. I don't care about "the man." I care that it's 7 am and I'm here for two hours. Also I don't get to Kroger that often.

2. Magz. People, Cosmo, M&Ms...get at me. I want to know everything about the fact that Cameron Diaz and Diddy are "a shocking new couple."

3. Chili's Too. They have a take out section if you need to grab and go, but if you have the time I highly recommend sitting down. Right now, if you buy a beer, you get a shot for half off. Plus nothing says friendship like splitting some southwestern eggrolls.

4. Free lotion samples at Bath and Body Works. Unfortunately, this one gets cut from my list this year, as B&BW has left the building. I always wondered why it was there, but now that it's gone I miss it...as does my post-Gund, post-Friday night skin.

5. People watching. After completing the above, hunker down for some good old-fashioned people watching. Children under 8! Denison frenemies! A guy juggling bean bags! (It happened. I was there.)

Caroline Black is a senior Drama major at Kenyon College. In addition to co-founding and writing for her school's HC branch, Caroline is co-president of Beer and Sex, Kenyon's student-run freshman orientation program (and she enjoys making jokes about that title as much as you do). When she's not doing hippy-dippy acting warm-ups or volunteering with her service organization, The Archon Society, Caroline enjoys watching "Parks and Recreation" and dismaying her friends with terrible puns.
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