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Celiacs: How To Treat Yourself on a Gluten-Free Diet

How many people have discovered that they are gluten intolerant lately? I discovered I was gluten intolerant two years ago, and since then I am thankful for every new innovative gluten free product (such as quinoa cookies and pasta… yum). Instead of thinking of Celiacs as a curse, start to think of it more as a challenge. Make it your goal to create something fantastically palatable, which makes even those who can eat gluten jealous.

Speaking of those who can eat gluten, it makes me laugh a little bit when I find out how many people do not even know what gluten is. To be quite honest, neither did I until I could not eat it anymore. You know when you read the ingredients list and it says “CONTAINS: WHEAT”? Yeah, that right there is gluten. We gluten intolerant people have to stay far away from those labels. Among the foods that we cannot consume are cookies, cakes, pastas, breads, beer, pretzels and even soy sauce.

So what can we eat? A few weeks before I came to Kenyon, I wondered if I would be forced to live on salads. Then I met my new best friend… the gluten free fridge. In the awkward and far end corner of Peirce is where all the g-f girls and guys congregate. There is a huge selection of breads, cookies, flatbread crackers (which I am already addicted to), and even bagels. If you don’t always have to scrutinize the ingredient’s label on the food you eat, you may not realize how happy I can get over something as simple as a gluten free bagel. I almost hugged the chef for bringing them onto campus… it was that bad. They even make gluten free pizzas for us from scratch and g-f pasta. As I have been traveling campus, I’ve noticed that even the market has stocked up on a few gluten free items such as apple-cinnamon muffin mixes. Want to go to the Deli? Just grab a delicious salad (remember to ask about the dressings though!). They are even starting to stock with gluten free breads too- -just ask!

Being gluten free on campus can also be a great way to stay healthy. We don’t fill ourselves with all that greasy pizza at club meetings or when stumbling around after a long night of partying. I have the opportunity to be as creative as I’d like with my sandwiches and desserts. At Kenyon, we are very lucky to have a very accommodating cafeteria. If we’re craving typically gluten-filled goods, we can just ask for g-f pizza or pasta. Some fun (not so greasy) examples: gluten free chocolate cake at the bottom of a cup with soft serve on top and chocolate sprinkles is delicious! Or if you don’t have a sweet tooth, be innovative with your sandwiches! If you want to avoid the Panini press, the out of whack g-f toaster makes a nice crispy sandwich. I’ve made a toasted PB&J sandwich with sliced banana in it or raisins and it puts a smile on my face. To all the gluten free eaters reading this: I always have delicious g-f desserts in my dorm. My favorite is a pudding pie: g-f crust, cream cheese and cool whip base with chocolate pudding and topped with chocolate cool whip and walnuts. We Celiacs have to treat ourselves too!

(p.s. this will make your day)

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