Campus Cutie: Peter Orlos ‘18

This week, our Campus Cutie takes a bit of an international turn. If you’re friends with him long enough, it’s more than likely that he will try and teach you how to salsa dance! Although there’s definitely more to him than how he moves hips: Peter Orlos is outgoing, super friendly, and loves to have a good time.

Name: Peter Orlos

Hometown: Cancún, Mexico

Year: 2018

Major:  Economics

Campus activities: ISAK (International Society at Kenyon), Model UN, BFC (Business & Finance Committee), Academic Affairs Committee, Frequent KAC-Goer

HCK: So where are exactly are you from?

Peter: I grew up in Mexico, but my father’s English, my mother’s Mexican, my grandmother’s Russian and my grandfather’s Polish! My grandfather was a soldier, and my grandmother was his nurse, and they ended falling in love during the war; then they moved to England as refugees. You could say I’m kind of from everywhere.

HCK: Would you say you’re romantic?

Peter: Yes!

HCK: Best thing about America so far?

Peter: Definitely the food… except the fake tacos. Tacos should not be crispy!

HCK: What’s been your favorite Kenyon memory so far?

Peter: Being on International Pre-O & Leadership Pre-O was a lot of fun. I got to meet lots of great people and try lots of new things like canoeing, playing mafia, and s’mores (they were the best part!).

HCK: What’s on your Kenyon bucket list?

Peter: Live in NCA – they’re so nice! Either that, or go on a year abroad to France.

HCK: What line do you normally go to in Peirce?

Peter: International – there are so many options!

HCK: Name three places you’d like to visit?

Peter: Argentina, Cuba, or anywhere in Scandinavia!

HCK: What’s your spirit animal?

Peter: A hawk. I’d love to have one as a pet!

HCK: Describe yourself in two words.

Peter: Positive and outgoing.

HCK: Do you have any hidden talents?

Peter: I’m pretty good at whistling!

HCK: What song do you currently have on replay?

Peter: Okay, this is really embarrassing, but “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. It’s such a good getting ready song!