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Campus Cutie: Max Black

Name: Max Black

Age: 20

Year: 2017

Hometown: New York, New York

Major: Psychology

Activities: community service, hanging with friends, playing hoops in the KAC

Power animal: Husky

Hey Max! How does it feel to be nominated as a campus cutie?

It is an absolute honor, and I could not be anymore thankful.

Describe yourself in three words.  

Patient, compassionate, and relaxed

What do you miss the most about New York?     

The main thing I miss most about home is the accessibility to a wide variety of different food and restaurants.

What do you love the most about Kenyon?

I love the people; they are passionate, determined, and unique. There is never a dull moment or conversation on the hill.

What’s been your weirdest experience on campus so far?

Well that’s a great question. My freshman year, during the polar vortex, I had my bed up against a window in Gund Residence Hall. After a couple of days I decided to move my husband pillow and found that it was frozen to the windowpane. Ice had begun to form within my dorm room.             

If Jeni’s made an ice cream based off of your personality, what flavor would it be and why?

My flavor would be vanilla with a topping of salted caramel. Vanilla because I am always there for you, and salted caramel because I am also salty and sweet.

Finally, what is one thing on your Kenyon bucket list?

One thing on my Kenyon bucket list would be to see a Kenyon Ice Hockey team.

Inês was one of Her Campus Kenyon's Campus Correspondents and Editor in Chief from 2015-2017. At Kenyon, she majored in English and Comparative World Literature. Currently, Inês is pursuing a PhD in Spanish and Portuguese Literature at Yale University.
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