Campus Cutie: Archie Shaver

Year: “Freshman”

Age: 6 months old

Campus Activities: Being the newest pup on campus


HCK: Hey Archie, welcome to campus. How have you been adjusting?

AS: It’s GREAT. So many people pet me. And the grass tastes amazing


HCK: Kenyon is a pretty dog-friendly campus. So why is your name Archie?

AS: I’m named after Archie Griffin! The football star- my dad is a huge football fan.


HCK: What’s your favorite snack here?

AS: Carrots are great. Mulch is nice too.


HCK: Where do you normally hang out?

AS: My parents work during the day, but usually I’m roaming around the NCAs or on Middle Path. My dad (Alex) brings me into work sometimes at Gund Commons, so that’s always fun. Then I get to play with the other pups!


HCK: What’s your favorite toy?

AS: My two favorites are a racoon stuffed animal and a Kong filled with peanut butter.


HCK: If you could hang out with one celebrity right now, who would it be?

AS: Grumpy cat.


HCK: If you could have one superpower in all of the world, what would it be?

AS: An endless stomach. Then I could eat anything and everything and never get full!

Image Credit: Monica Lee