Campus Celebrity: Patricia Mota '16

Class Year: 2016

Major/Minor: International Studies and Spanish Literature/Latino Studies Concentration


HCK: What are you involved in on campus?

Adelante, Discrimination Advisors, Apprentice Teacher


HCK: Favorite thing to eat on campus?

Salmon sandwich at the Village Inn


HCK: Can you tell us about Adelante?

It’s the Latino organization at Kenyon. I’m the co-president with Erika Cuevas. We bring musicians and speakers, we are trying to bring Chicano Batman next semester. We will see.


HCK: I heard you did some really cool research over the summer, enlighten me!

It’s called LiRA Latinos in Rural America. It was an oral history project I did with Professor Roman-Odio and Amelia Dunnell. It consisted of taking photos and video interviews of Latino community members in Knox County. With the intent of providing a snapshot of the diversity present in Mount Vernon. It was funded through an Ohio Humanities Grant and is currently on display at the library!

HCK: In ten years, where do you see yourself?

I want to be finishing graduate school, hopefully finishing up my PhD and searching for a job as a professor of Spanish literature.


HCK: What has driven you as Kenyon student?

Being a mentor to others. As well as being a mentor for myself. Being successful, you know? Doing the best I can.


HCK: Which three music artists must you see live before you die?

Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin- if I could see those two. And Carlos Santana.


HCK: Pretend you’re a freshman again: what’s a piece of advice you’d give your freshman self knowing/having experienced Kenyon so far?

Take it easy. It’s all going to be okay. Be more friendly.


HCK: What’s on your Kenyon bucket list?

I don’t really have anything, I just want graduation!


HCK: What has Kenyon taught you?!

I’m very grateful. Kenyon has been very kind to me. I’m happy for the person it’s helped form. It’s given me the confidence to go forward and in my culture. Every year I was able to meet very special people. Now it’s my time to pass the baton.

Image Credit: Patricia Mota