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Campus Celebrity: Julia Weaver

You may have seen posters up around campus promoting the Kenyon Review Lit Fest. You may also have seen a very fashionable, dark haired senior putting up these posters. For our Campus Celebrity this week, we have Kenyon Review Literary Festival Intern and fashion blogger extraordinaire, Julia Weaver.

Name: Julia Weaver

Year: 2015

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Major: English

Can you tell us a little bit about Lit Fest and what you’ve been doing for it this semester? 

As everyone probably knows, every year the Kenyon Review brings in an author for an on-campus three-day celebration of literature. This year we are lucky enough to have Ann Patchett! I am the Lit Fest intern, so I assist in scheduling and overseeing events. We’ve already had a few so far – some book discussions, a table at the Mount Vernon Farmers’ Market, and a table at the Harvest Festival. I’ve headed a few of those events and in the upcoming week I’ll really be making sure all of our wonderful Associates help to make this year’s Lit Fest as great as possible! I encourage everyone to come to Ann Patchett’s talk this Saturday at 8, and to definitely read her book State of Wonder.

What’s your favorite thing about Lit Fest?

I honestly just love that it’s a celebration of all things literary. I also love that the event can tie us closer to our greater community – people from outside Kenyon come to the events, but even more so I enjoy spreading the Lit Fest love in Knox County.

We also hear you are a fashion blogger. How did you get into that?  

I’d been following fashion blogs for a few years before I finally decided to try my hand at it this past January. I figured, I already put a lot of effort into how I dress (and that’s for myself, not really for others) I might as well keep a little, fun record of it! It’s pretty silly, but still fun. I’m still a complete amateur at it, but I think I’d definitely like to keep it going for as long as possible.

What’s been your funniest or best experience as a fashion blogger?  

I was really lucky to have my mom come and visit me for my birthday when I was abroad last year. She took me for high tea at the Ritz in London and we had a mini-photoshoot there. Such a gorgeous place. I got to dress up with pretty things and have tea with my mom. What more could a girl want? It was incredibly generous of her, and I’m so grateful!

What else are you involved with at Kenyon? 

I also study Creative Writing and Art History (pretty much wrapped up in the Humanities there). I work at the Writing Center, volunteer with the second graders at Wiggin Street, and volunteer with Archons.

Spirit animal?

Hm. I’d say probably a cat owned by Jesse Eisenberg.

Name something on your Kenyon bucket list: 

Go to at least one more dinner/event at a professor’s house. And I’m gonna have to get some grad photos or something taken under the Weaver cottage sign obviously.

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