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Campus Celebrity: Ally Dellheim

Name: Ally Dellheim

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology and American Studies with an Education Track

On-campus activities: Volunteer in a Kindergarten classroom at Wiggin Street Elementary School, Community Outreach Chair of Psychology Club, and Crozier Big Sister/Little Sister Program

What is your spirit animal and why? 

My spirit animal is a dog because I am friendly and loyal.

If you could spend the day with any person doing anything, who and what would you choose?

I would spend it with my sister watching Friends and eating chocolate covered strawberries!  

What is your favorite Peirce dessert? 

Definitely cookie pizza!

Choose three words to describe yourself. 

Compassionate, positive, and adventurous.

What literary or movie character do you relate to most? 

I relate to Spongebob, because his friends are very important to him and he finds positivity in all things.

What is one thing on your Kenyon bucket list? 

I want to go tray sledding behind Peirce!

And on the same note, what is your favorite Kenyon memory? 

One of my favorite Kenyon memories was spending a week of winter break in Cleveland with my Sankofa Project class at Cleveland School of the Arts. We had a great time getting to know each other off the Hill, exploring Cleveland (which is an awesome city!), and applying what we had learned in class to an alternate setting.

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