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BOO(b) Week: 6 Brilliantly Easy Halloween Costumes

This article is part of our BOO(b) Week Series: in honor of Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are publishing an article each day about boos, boobs, or both.


If you’re an over-planner like I am you’ve probably already started planning your Halloween costume and if you’re like me again, you are probably very bad at making decisions. But fret no more for I am here to help you narrow your options and give you some fun ideas for costumes!


1. A Work of Art

Buy a cheap picture frame from Walmart, carry it around your neck and when people ask what you are, hold it up! You can dress it up and be an Impressionist portrait or dress it down with some funky makeup and be a pop art piece! Here’s a link to a really fun and easy tutorial for a pop art look. Pretend to be a campus art installation and stand motionless on Middle Path and see how many people notice.

2. A Juul Thief

A fun play on the classic robber costume, while I do not condone/support vaping, an empty Juul cartridge box would be easy to obtain from your friendly local frat boy. Pair that with a black and white striped shirt, black pants, and a mask of some sort, and you’re ready to go!


3. A Sad Boi

They run rampant here at Kenyon and I’m sure you’ve come into contact with at least one of them. In case you are unfamiliar with their style of dress simply wear an oversized buttoned up flannel, rolled up trousers, funky patterned socks and either a pair of dress shoes or Birkenstocks. Don’t forget to bring a copy of Infinite Jest and talk about how enlightening Rick & Morty is!


3. Moral Support Cheerleader

What you do during Halloweekend is your business but if you find yourself attending a few social events and you may find that your friends need a little looking after or wing womaning. Here is where the moral support cheerleader/you step in! WIth a little wave of the homemade pom poms you can ensure that your best pals get home safe and you are in bed eating some well-deserved candy corn before 2. Simply tear up some newspaper into long strips and attach that to empty toilet paper rolls, add a crop top and a flared skirt and you’re ready to be an empowering and helpful friend.


4. Tourist

Throw on a fanny pack, a bucket hat, and the Hawaiian shirt that you inevitably bought at some point for a party that is long forgotten and voila! You’re a tourist! Bonus points if you stuff your fanny pack with Halloween candy to hand out to people you encounter on Middle Path. Go the extra mile and take pictures of your friends and the social events you attend with a disposable camera, both for the effect and to capture the memories of the night.


5. Campus Safety

Your personal party will never get shut down with a campo costume. Pick up a black polo and khakis from Walmart and don’t forget to wear sunglasses even at night. If at all during the night actual Campus Safety comes to the social event you are at, save the day by approaching them and telling them that you have it handled. This will definitely not get you written up and you’ll be everyone’s hero.


6. Build Your Own Kenyon Ghost

Since Kenyon is one of the most *haunted* schools in America, it would be a crime not to pay homage to all the various ghosts around campus. Either pull a Charlie Brown Halloween Special or put on pale foundation, darken your eyes, and come up with your own creepy campus legend surrounding your ghostly origins.


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Juliana is a writer for Her Campus Kenyon and is a proud Classics major on the Ancient Greek track. When she isn't writing, you can find her practicing softball for the Kenyon Ladies Varsity Softball Team or practicing ballroom dancing. Don't ask how she manages to do all this while learning to translate Ancient Greek because even she doesn't know. Check her out on social media! twitter: @hoolianya25 instagram: @jules.delsante tumblr: [email protected]
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