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Best Study Spots on Campus


We’re getting into those last several weeks of school before summer, which means warm weather, Shock Your Mom, Sendoff, and other festivities. Unfortunately, it also means an excess of assignments and exams. It’s time to buckle down and lose yourself in your bio textbook or English essay. Doing so in the same place day after day can be grueling and frustrating. At this point in the year, we’re all tired of living at a study carrel all day and falling asleep on Ascension couches. It’s time to find some happy, inspiring places to study and prepare for the home stretch!
1. Tomsich study rooms 
It can be intimidating for humanities majors to venture into the Science Quad and act like they belong, but it’s worth it for these study rooms. The Tomisch study rooms are removed from all distractions and the perfect size. They have a table or two and several comfy chairs and couches. The best part is their big windows that keep the room warm and happy all day long.
2. The back of the Bookstore
The back room of the Bookstore is the best place to study North. It’s quiet and generally not crowded, but at the same time not scary silent like Olin or Gund Commons can be. Plus, a bag of Bookstore granola or a scoop of ice cream makes for a perfect study reward!
3. Gund Gallery
The couches right inside Gund Gallery are comfortable, but not in the suck-you-in-and-never-let-go way that the Ascension couches are. In Gund, you can study
effectively, surrounded by big windows that keep the mood up and help you remember that amidst your scholarly immersion, the real world still exists.
4. Secret spots in the library
The library can be dementor-like with its relentless soul-sucking, but there are spots in there that work! Steer clear of the study carrels and communal study tables if you want a change of pace, and instead, explore! Grab a beanbag to stick in a windowsill for a bright, personal nook. I recently found two cozy chairs in the southwestern corner of the third floor that are all alone and surrounded by bookshelves. Cozy, bright, and removed, it’s perfect for studying.
Guys. It’s mid-April and finally warm outside. The obvious study spot is anywhere under the sun. Grab a towel or blanket and stake out a spot on Ransom lawn, South Quad, a Middle Path bench, or anywhere else that draws you in. If you’re lucky, an Adirondack chair will be near by, but no matter what, the warm sun will get you your dose of vitamin D, improving your mood and productivity!
Photo Credits: Rachel Larson
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