Being an Adult is Hard

College is full of new experiences. I mean, we go off to a college, leaving your home, family, and friends behind. It is an exciting part of being an adult, but I feel like what they do not tell you before college is that you are own your own. You have to make sensible decisions. I might be categorized as an adult, but I am not close to being one at all, and that is probably most of us.

When going to college we enter a space where we learn how to grow academically in general. Growing up is hard and I believe it takes time for people to grow.

Therefore, I wanted to show other college students that they are not alone. College is a process during which we all learn to be adults, so here are some things college students have all face. We lose things, have to do laundry, call our parents, and complete other tasks. Here is what some college students have to say about these things:

Do you wash your sheets? If so how many times a week?

“Washed bed sheets probably 4 times.”

“ I wash my sheets once a month and pillowcase every week.”

“ I have changed my sheets maybe 4 time this year.”

“Six times maybe.”

“I wash my sheets 1-2 times a month because I have two sets of sheets.”


How many hours of Netflix have you binge-watched instead of doing homework?

“Too many hours of Netflix.”

“The entire Office series.. So a lot.”

“Lots of Netflix.”

“Too many to count.

“A lot. I can not specifically count a total.”


How many time have you vacuumed?

“Vacuum three times.”

“I vacuum once a week.”

“Vacuumed 3 times.”

“To many to count.”

“I vaccum two to four times a month.”


How often have you taken off your makeup before bed?

“I almost always take off my makeup before bed.

“Every night except for the few drunken mishaps.”

“I always take my makeup off!! Even if I am blacked out.”


“I tend to to never take my makeup off before bed.”


How many times do you call your parents in college ?

“Call my parents almost every day.”

“ I call them a few times a month.

“I am really bad about call my parents.

“Every day.”

“I call my parents one time a week or less.

Have you ever locked yourself out of the dorm? If so, how many times and how did you get back in?

“Yes I got locked out. You [author Katie Zervas] let me back in.”

“I have never been locked out.”

“I have locked myself out and my roommates let me back in.


“No because I live in a single.”


Have you cracked your phone in college?

“I have shattered my phone.”

“ Nope.”


“Yes, like 12 times I drop a lot of thing when I am drunk.”

“I have not cracked a phone.”


How many times have you lost your water bottle?

“I never lost my water bottle.. Knock on wood.”

“I loose my water bottle like 20 times a day.”

“I lost my water bottle two times.”


“I have lost my water bottle one time permanently.”

In the end, it is nice to know that I am not the only one out here trying to get by in college. I have learned that others are also watching tv before do homework, not being that hygienic, losing little things, and getting yelled at from their parents to call more. We are all at this point in our life where we are trying to take responsibilities because we are forced to have it. That is why it is great to see that other “adults” are on the same boat as I am.


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