Audrey Neubauer '19, Archons Prez!

Name: Audrey Neubauer

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Langley, Washington

Major/Minor: Anthropology/English/Law

Campus Involvement: The Archon Society, Women's Ultimate Frisbee, ECO, Outdoors Club, Kenyon Students for Gun Sense, Relay for Life, KAC Desk Assistant



Congrats on being the new Archons president! This time last year, why did you choose Archons?

Because of the people! I really had no idea what the organization was all about when I first joined, so the deciding factor was just the kind of people I met at the events. They were people I wanted to get to know and wanted to be like as an upperclassman in the future.


What's been the best part about being an Archon so far?

Being able to live in division and get close to the other Archons living around me! It's so fun to be in a central part of campus and also a central part of Archon life. Just being in the middle of it all and feeling very involved in something so great.


What's been your favorite community service experience?

Wiggins Street Elementary school! It's so fun because you can sign up to work with a class for the whole semester and you end up developing relationships with the kids and they love to see you. It's a great break from the rhythm of campus life and the kids really are a bright light in my week. Today I met my new class for the semester and they actually cheered when I walked in the room even though they had never met me before. They're so great and they really appreciate the work we do there.


What advice would you give to freshmen rushing?

Just try and come to all the events and get to know as many people as possible! Also, if you're apprehensive about not fitting into the Archon "type" you have nothing to worry about! We don't have a "type" and everyone is welcome to come and eat pizza and do service and party with us. So submit a bid request! You have nothing to lose :)


How do you hope to see Archons grow under your rule?

Continuing the positive atmosphere and community of Archons is really important to me (and my co-president Hannah Russ!). Even though Archons does have great parties and other social events, I think it is most important to us to continue or dedication to the Knox County and Kenyon communities through service.


Aside from Archons, tell us about what you do on campus!

I try to get involved in as much as I can! I'm overcommitted like most Kenyon students but I'm loving it.



I see you're an Anthropology major, how'd you come to that decision? Any favorite classes or professors you'd like to share?

I've always loved Anthropology! I took a class in high school about primate biology and just sort of fell in love with it. Monkeys are cool. I don't really want to be an Anthropologist when I grow up or anything but what do undergraduate degrees really matter, anyways? 100% Professor Suggs is my favorite professor on campus. Take a class with him even if you aren't an Anth major. You won't regret it, I promise.


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Audrey! You can find her at Archons events over the next two weeks. Happy rush week!

Image credits: Audrey Neubauer