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An Argument for Bushnell

After living in Norton last year, one of the most significant differences I’ve noticed between my old dorm and my new one (Bushnell) are others people’s reactions to where I live. My stating this is usually met with bewildered questions like, “All girls? So are, like, any guys allowed?” and earnest confessions, such as, “Wow, I could never live with only girls. That’d be terrible.”

The reason why these responses are so striking is not at all because I find them offensive. I don’t. I personally chose not to attend an all-girls college because I, too, used to think I couldn’t only be around girls all the time. I loved living in Norton last year, but I honestly haven’t noticed a difference. I still share a bathroom with girls. I still share a room with a girl. And most of the people I see in the hallway are, in fact, girls. But no, there’s no barbed-wire fence encircling the perimeter of Bushnell to keep guys out, just as no little alarm bell starts ringing when they swipe their K-Cards. If any large difference exists in the way that I live, it’s actually having to put on a coat and trudge across campus a little ways to visit friends who happen to be male. Logistically, this might have been the case even if I did live in a co-ed dorm.

So, give Bushnell a break. It could use a little love. After all, it’s not a convent, and we’re a friendly bunch. Don’t be afraid to stop by! We may have a half-working piano and only one unisex bathroom, but the rest is really no less cozy or enjoyable than where you live. 

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