Archie Archon '20, the New Archon's Mascot

Name: Archie Archon

Year: First-Year

Hometown: Mount Vernon, OH

Intended Major: Cuddling

Campus Activities: Archon Society, being very cute, sitting in one place very still

Favorite Food: None, please don’t feed him, he’s stuffed

How are you doing today?

A little disoriented. I keep being moved from my home and it’s stressful!


How did you come to be the mascot of the Archon Society?

Technically their mascot is still a shining star of truth. However, one of the pledge chairs, Ari Tooch, found me at the Kroger in Mount Vernon. She joked with her friend about buying me, and then actually did it! She planned on keeping me for her room, but her roommates told her that I didn’t fit in their room. They were right. So she put me in the Archons lounge and that’s where I’ve lived for the past two weeks.  


If you could do one thing, what would you do?  

I would love to go to an Archon’s all-campus party. Except I would probably get beer spilled all over me, and as Ari has found out, I don’t fit in the laundry machine.


If you could have one superpower in the entire world, what would it be?

I would definitely pull a Toy Story if I could and come to life just for a little bit. I think that it would be funny to walk down Middle Path and see a six foot teddy bear coming at you.


What do you do at the Archon meetings?

Usually, they pet me, especially the pledges. I’m often sat on because the meetings are late and the archons are tired.


The Archon Society is known for community service. How do you serve your community?

I’m available 24/7 for all cuddling intents and purposes. Just don’t remove me from my home!

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me, Archie! You can find Archie hanging out in the Archons Lounge every day—just don’t take him away!


Image Credit: Ari Tooch