An Alternative to Tunes: YouYube Channels To Watch Now

Last week, I talked about my experiences listening to podcasts instead of music. YouTube videos come with all of the benefits of podcasts with the bonus of fantastic aesthetics. Like most people, I’ve been watching YouTube videos for years, but I’ve only recently started using them for white noise or study breaks. Below are some of my favorite channels, new and old!

Estèe Lalonde and Everyday Estèe

I started watching Estèe’s videos a few months ago and I’m hooked. She does great beauty and lifestyle videos but my favorites are her Fem Talks, which are videos about everything from lady problems to fempowerment literature. Her vlog channel, Everyday Estèe features shorter videos such as one in which she introduces her viewers to her plants (in case you forgot, I love plants). These channels are great for studying because there are videos to listen to while you work and fun ones to watch during your study breaks.​

Feminist Frequency

I’ve been watching Feminist Frequency since high school, and it’s one of my favorites to watch when I’m mad at the patriarchy (or I’m doing my Women’s and Gender Studies reading). In her videos, host Anita Sarkeesian explores gender representations, myths, and messages in popular culture media. No other YouTube channel will make you as uneasy or angry (the videos on women in video games are life changing).

Savannah Brown

This channel is equal parts slam poetry and life advice from a lovely lady. Savannah is also incredibly artsy, and her videos are as wonderful to look at as they are to listen to in the dreary library.

Vogue and British Vogue

Don’t have time to read Vogue every day? Listen to it! These channels have loads of short videos perfect for quick breaks, and there is a little something for everyone. If you’re a comedy gal, you’ll love the video of Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour switching places. If you’re into style and design, you’ll love Jenna Lyons’s video featuring the contents of her bag. If you’re somewhere in the middle, you’re in the perfect place.

W Magazine

Putting on these videos is like putting on your favorite playlist, except that there are fantastic and talented people chatting with you about their lives. W Magazine’s interviews and “screen tests” feature everyone from Jacob Tremblay on staying up late on his birthday to Elizabeth Banks dramatically reading “Hotline Bling.” Cara Delevingne’s screen test from a few years ago is my favorite, but I’ve also learned about lots of new actresses, models, artists, and musicians from watching these videos.



If you like watching beauty tutorials but hate committing to lengthy ones, this is the channel for you. Violette’s makeup tutorials are beautiful and brief–most are under five minutes–and although it can be difficult to watch beauty videos while working, these babies are perfect for study breaks. I love using YouTube videos to break up lengthy readings, and these ones are perfect for keeping my breaks short and sweet. If podcasts make your study sessions more fun, I hope these YouTube channels make it both fun and pretty. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Institute of Commercial Management Blog, Youtube, Into The Gloss