7 Hobbies to Try During Covid Times

If there’s one thing living through a global pandemic has taught me, it is the importance of making time for personal hobbies. Before 2020, I wasn’t very aware of my hobbies, but now I see that these activities performed just for your own enjoyment are a vital and potentially overlooked component of self-care. I wanted to share a list of the hobbies that have kept me grounded during these uncertain times in case you are looking for some new hobby inspiration.


  1. 1. Art

    Colored pencils in a classroom

    Personally, I love drawing because it does not require many materials to get started. It is also fun to look back through my sketchbook and see the progression of my projects. To take your art to the next level, you could also experiment with different mediums such as paints (water colors are a great and often affordable), colored pencils, markers, highlighters, chalk, oil pastels, or ink. If 2D art is not your thing, activities like origami, tie dye (especially with natural, easily available dyes such as avocado skins and purple cabbage), and sculpting with oven bake clays could be fun. Even if you do not consider yourself to be an “artsy person,” I would encourage you to try some sort of artistic or crafty form of creation because, in my experience, it has really helped me refocus my attention and destress. Art doesn’t have to be something to display; it can be a great and almost meditative personal practice too.

  2. 2. Reading

    woman in library

    I think a lot of people stop reading for pleasure when they get busy with high school and college, but now could be the perfect time to get back into it! You could stick to your favorite genre or try out several to match whatever mood you are feeling at the time. I’ve realized reading is also a great way to practice building up your concentration and focus. You could get your books from your library/ library website or buy them from a local bookstore or online used bookstore like Thriftbooks. A lot of older books in the public domain are also archived online on websites such as Project Gutenberg.

  3. 3. Sewing

    This is one of my newest hobbies, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. I think sewing is a lot easier than it may seem, and I’ve found there is a lot of help online. If you search terms like “me made wardrobe” or “how to sew…” on Youtube, you can find a lot of tutorials and project inspiration. If you are willing to commit to buying a sewing machine (I have a beautiful child-sized Hello Kitty machine) you may be able to make some cool, aesthetic (and maybe even anti-establishment) products designed exactly as you want them.

  4. 4. Crocheting and Knitting

    Women Knitting

    I have not done much crocheting or knitting, but I know a lot of people love it. I’ve always thought it would be exciting to knit a sweater, but if you want to start a little smaller, I know my friends have successfully made socks, beanies, and of course scarfs, the ultimate go-to starter project. You could also take inspiration from trends like the ‘Harry Styles cardigan’ and the ‘crochet butterfly top’. As with sewing, it is a cool experience to create something you can use in your daily life. Sewing can be a little loud and frustrating when the machine breaks, but I have heard knitting and crocheting are very relaxing, and eventually you will start to work to the speed of your heart. You could even put on a movie or your favorite TV show and knit the night away.

  5. 5. Growing Plants

    house plants on dresser

    I have always loved having plants around the house. Last summer I wanted to have some more plants because I heard they help boost feelings of creativity and relaxation, but I did not want to go to a store to buy them. Then as I was eating a mango, I wondered if I could plant the pit and grow a mango tree. Since that fateful mango, I have taken a deep dive into the world of propagating plants from the fresh foods in my kitchen. You do have to get some dirt (I would recommend packaged potting soil because dirt from outside could have pesky bugs in it) but other than that, it’s surprisingly easy to create an indoor plant kingdom in no time!

  6. 6. Music

    records and a headphone set

    This one sounds kind of basic, but music can really influence your vibes and outlook on the day. To me music serves as an important component of a room’s atmosphere, and by choosing different types of music, you can tweak the whole feel of your room. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music playlists on Youtube. I was never very interested in classical music, but now it puts me in such a good mood and helps me get through all my virtual schoolwork. Other times when I need a break, I like to put on 80’s music and have a solo dance party. I invite you to take some time to listen and/or sing along to your favorite music or discover some new artists too. You could also try playing an instrument (whether you are good or not) or learn how to make electronic music with programs like Garageband or Pro Tools.

  7. 7. Hiking

    Girl hiking

    Hiking, or just casually walking outside might be one of the most regenerative activities to embrace during these times of covid. I find getting outside, ideally in nature, fills me with a calm energy and reminds me of the beauty of simple moments in the world sometimes lost in our current tech-centered existence. It has been so fun to explore new places to walk around my house. Your pets, family, and socially distanced friends might also love to join you.

These are just a few of the hobbies that I think would be perfect for anyone looking to try something new, but there are so many other hobbies out there. Now, more than ever, I believe it is important to identify the things that bring fulfillment, purpose, and happiness to our lives. Try asking your friends and family what they like to do for fun. I hope this list inspires you to claim some time for yourself and your interests. Let’s start a conversation about hobbies so we can make sure we value and prioritize them as an important part of our lives!