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6 Thoughts I Had While Visiting a Large University

Although I toured many universities during the college process and occasionally visited my sister at the state school she attended, I finally got to use Fall Break as a chance to stay with a friend at Miami University. However, after adjusting to the wonderfully small lifestyle at Kenyon, with all its quirks and comforts, I was way more overwhelmed than expected. Here are a few of my thoughts that maybe students from Kenyon or other small schools have experienced too while living at a state school for the first time.


1. “I Don’t See Any Familiar Faces”

Nothing feels stranger than the fact that, while walking on campus, I don’t pass the same person five times and then run into them again at the cafeteria. Where are all the people who know you or at least recognize your face and say hi?


2. “I Have to Walk How Far?”

The unsettling fact that I have to walk more than fifteen minutes from point A to point B. You mean I can’t get across campus within ten minutes?


3. “There Are So Many Different Pathways”

How am I supposed to know where to go without just one pathway? How does everyone here not get lost?


3. “Starbucks?!”

Although not as cozy as local coffee shops, Starbucks can never go wrong. There is something settling in having one always around the corner.


4. “Food, Food, Food”

So many restaurants to pick from, how do I even decide? Fast food, Mexican, Thai, pizza, sushi, ice cream, four different cafeterias… and they’re all open past midnight, too! Where am I?


5. “I Didn’t Even Know Enough People Existed to Fill this Stadium”

And now many of them are drunk around me, while I’m not wearing a jersey, singing the fight song, nor shotgunning beer, so they all must know I’m an outsider!


6. “Where Is the One Large Room to Party?”

Although missing having a local, safe place for all of the campus to convene, I discovered a new, overwhelming version of nightlife. So many bars, fraternity parties, tailgates, and day drinking, which may not necessarily be sustainable for all of the college yet exciting for a weekend!


While there are many pros and cons to both large and small colleges, I was definitely excited to return back to Kenyon and see all the friendly, familiar faces on Middle Path.  


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