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5 Ways to Recover from the Krud

Let’s face it: this winter has hit Gambier a lot harder than it has in a while. While this inevitably means a lot of snow and extra layers, it also means that we’ve all had to deal with the Kenyon Krud for a little longer than usual (the e-mail from the health center warning us all of a campus-wide illness confirmed this as true). You know about the Krud: it leaves you with a scratchy throat, killer headaches, sinus problems, and a craving for homemade chicken noodle soup like nothing else.

I am here to reassure you that we have all gone through it, especially this year, so remember that you’re not alone! So if you are starting to catch a little bug, here are some tips for how to recover quickly:

1) Stop by the Market or the Deli and pick up a big cup of soup. I know it can be tough to get out of bed, let alone walk to Peirce, but your body needs nutrients and hot food to recover! Personally, I’ve tried living on the oatmeal I had stocked up in my room while I had the Krud and it just wasn’t cutting it. 

2) In the words of Kendrick Lamar, drank. And by drink I mean drink some water! Lots of it: you need to keep your body hydrated constantly, because water can help flush out the toxins and replenish your body. As a bonus, you can start taking shots of Emergen-C like it’s your job.

3) Sit in bed and be lazy for a night or two. You cannot expect your body to recover if you’re staying up late every night doing work, attending meetings, and going out!  So take a night in and catch up on your favorite guilty pleasure, whether that be The Bachelor, Friday Night Lights, Homeland, The Walking Dead, or all of the above.

4) Don’t be afraid to take decongestants, expectorant, anything you can find at the bookstore or market to alleviate your pain. I don’t think I could have functioned without DayQuil. 

5) Drink Herbal tea. It really helps! A quick stop to Wal-Mart to pick up some of these things can go a long way. Plus, when you’re sick (especially when your throat hurts) there is nothing quite like a warm cup of tea to make your life a little better and your ease your woes.

Honorable mention tip #6 : go to the Health Center. If it’s just the classic Kenyon Krud, they’ll tell you so and hand you a paper bag filled with gargling salt, ibuprofen tablets, and some throat lozenges. From experience, if you follow the precautions when a cold is coming on it will save you a trip. However, if it gets worse don’t hesitate.

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