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5 Shows We Wish Were Still Airing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kenyon chapter.

Two things I am sure of: I have never laughed as hard at a show as I did when Joey speaks French in Friends and I have never wanted to be a TV character more than I have always wanted to be Rory Gilmore. The shows that brought these characters to life will never get old, not to mention a bunch of others that are also tragically not creating new episodes. So here’s the question of the day – if you could revive five TV shows, which would you choose? I know my answers…

1. Gilmore GirlsWith its quick and witty dialogue, independent female leads, and lovable boys, I miss this show the most. I grew up watching it and looking up all the crazy references the characters made, feeling inordinately proud of myself when I caught one. The show still had so many places to go! Top three reasons why I need to see what happens next: One, we never got to watch Luke and Lorelai’s sure-to-be beautiful wedding. Two, as much as I love the fact that Rory decides she doesn’t need a man at the end of season 7, she made some GREAT guy choices in the past, so I’d want to see who she ends up with. Maybe Jess would come back!?! But above all, I want to watch a new generation of Gilmore kids join in on Friday night dinner. It would be just too great. Gilmore Girls, where you lead I will definitely follow.

2. FriendsYou laughed, you cried. You watched this show with parents, friends, and siblings alike. You asked people how they were doin’ (thanks, Joey) and put the emphasis on random words (thanks, Chandler). Friends was good to you. I have to admit that the last episode ties everything up perfectly, so I’m actually kind of torn about this one.  But I think we can all agree that a reunion episode when they’re all seventy years old would be like Golden Girls on crack.

3. Buffy the Vampire SlayerAs cringe-worthy as some of the lines are and as laughable as some of the monsters are, this TV show is classic. Joss Whedon does know how to tug at my heartstrings and make me laugh. Plus I owe Buffy for bringing me out of my eighth-grade Twilight phase (you KNOW we all had one). Hey Joss, maybe Buffy and the gang can be in the next Avengers movie? P.S. Buzzfeed  LOVES  Buffy.

4. Pushing DaisiesI still mourn the too-early death of this simply adorable show. With the creative concept of a baker who uses his power of raising the dead for exactly one minute to solve murders, Pushing Daises was the perfect combination of witty, bright, macabre, fast-paced, and sweet. The Ned/Chuck love story was cut off too soon, as was the Emerson/Olive friendship. This show made me want to bake pies, wear dresses from Anthropologie, and have Jim Daly narrate my life.

5. Boy Meets WorldAs a kid I would always watch Boy Meets World after school, and loved seeing Cory, Shawn, and Topanga create endless shenanigans and grow up together. Our generation learned so many life lessons from Mr. Feeny, am I right? Though it can never be as good as Boy Meets World in 1993 sixth grade with jean vests and crimped hair, Girl Meets World (the show’s spin off) is set to premiere later this year. I realize that it will likely be terrible, but with the original Cory and Topanga as the main character’s parents and with Feeny, Minkis, Shawn, and Eric as guest stars, I definitely have to give it a shot!

Now that the nostalgia has set in, go ahead and set your textbook aside, grab some snacks, and binge-watch your favorite reruns!

Ally Bruschi is a senior political science major at Kenyon College. She spent this past summer interning as a writer with both The Daily Meal, a digital media group  dedicated to "all things food and drink" and The Borgen Project, a non-profit organization that partners with U.S. policymakers to alleviate global poverty. Before entering the "real world" of jobs, however, Ally spent many summers as a counselor at an all-girls summer camp in Vermont, aka the most wonderful place on earth. A good book, a jar of peanut butter, a well-crafted Spotify playlist, and a lazy dog could get her through even the worst of days.