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5 Shoes for Spring at Kenyon


Spring weather in Gambier can be as unpredictable as the ice cream machine in Peirce–and add the muddiness and occasional lack/endless amount of rocks (depends on the spot) on Middle Path, and you might have a shoe crisis on your hands.  Don’t fret, though, here are five spring shoes that won’t add to your Middle Path rock collection (this is not a guarantee, just a hopeful statement).

1. Sturdy Rain Boots

When the weather forecasts thunderstorms, rain boots are the way to go.  Although they can be slightly uncomfortable if you wear them for too long, they’ll definitely keep your feet dry when the clouds roll in.

2. Durable Flats

After attempting to wear flats for a few days in September, I quickly discovered that they don’t mesh well with Middle Path.  Although you may still end up with a few rocks in your shoes, these ballet flat alternates should help to solve the problem.  Since the top part of the shoe extends past your toes, shielding those pesky Middle Path rocks, these flats are a great substitute for traditional flats.

3. Comfy Converse


Ready for the school year to be over and need to take a quick walk on the Gap Trail to clear your mind?  Throw on these Spring-hued Converse instead of your tennis shoes!  They’ll brighten any outfit, and they’re also super comfortable for walking.  

4. Light & Simple Slip-Ons

Now that’s it time to put away your heavy winter boots, try out something a lot lighter: TOMS.  Perfect for walking around your dorm, apartment, or outside when the weather is just a little bit too cool for sandals, Toms are simple, go-to Spring shoes. Plus, as you probably already know, for every pair you buy, they give a pair to someone in need around the world!

5. Structured Sneakers

Last but certainly not least, these navy Keds are a great option for the Spring.  With a sneaker-like structure, they’re easy to walk in, but they also look great with Spring dresses or skirts.  They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, but we like navy because it’s  an easily matchable color that’s always in style.

Photo Credits: Nordstrom, CallItSpring, Converse, TOMS, Keds

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