5 Meals You Can Make in Your Dorm

Even though we’re all on the same meal plan, there are many times we don’t end up eating in Peirce. Sometimes, you’re running late, or you’re under the weather, or the menu options just don’t appeal to you. As a senior, I am lucky enough to live in an apartment with a kitchen, but previously I’ve lived in three very different dorm rooms, and I know that cooking in a microwave can get...interesting. (Read: I set something on fire Sophomore year). But just because all you’re working with is a mini fridge and a microwave stolen from your roommate's brother’s frat house doesn’t mean you have to eat gross microwave dinners.

Here are a few easy to make suggestions for microwave and dorm cooking for those days when you’re just not up to leaving your room.



Historically, breakfast is the meal I most often make myself. This is normally the time when people are rushing to get out the door, and that's why college students seemingly so often skip breakfast. It really sets up the rest of your day, though, and you’ll feel so much better if you eat something before class. Oatmeal is a perfect option, especially for cold winter mornings. If you get instant oatmeal mix (I suggest Strawberries and Cream from Kroger) you can simply heat water and add in the mix. But if you want to go an extra step, get a box of old-fashioned oatmeal (it will last you all semester!) and enjoy microwavable oatmeal for one by simply adding water, oatmeal, a dash of salt, and any extra goodies in a microwavable bowl for 2 minutes in the microwave!

Full recipe here



I love easy-mac as much as the next gal, but to be honest, it’s not exactly the cream of the crop. What’s even better, I’ve found, just takes a few minutes and is honestly just as good as pasta made on the stove. It’s really easy to make Mac and cheese in the microwave, and what’s even better is the ability to customize with whole grain pasta or vegan cheese, depending on your diet or preferences. This is also another great way to have a food option that keeps well (dry pasta) and that, for one person, really lasts for a while!

Full recipe here



Baked potatoes are basically my go-to if I’m super hungry and there's no food in my house. The great news is you can buy individual potatoes at the market! So you don’t end up getting a bunch and having some turn into full-on potato plants in the cabinet. The most important part about making “baked” potatoes in a microwave is to poke some holes in them with a fork—otherwise you might have an explosion on your hands.

Here’s a recipe and details on how to cook four potatoes at once in the microwave.



I’m a snacker. A huge snacker. To be completely honest, I’ve never been a three full meals kind of gal, but I’ve always had a few small meals in between meal times. I hate that I tend to reach to crispy, salty, mass-produced snacks like potato chips, but the temptation is real, people.

While I’ve yet to try the attached recipe for homemade veggie chips, it’s definitely on my to-do list. It has more ingredients than most of the other recipes included, but what’s better than a healthy snack food that takes six minutes in the microwave? Count me in.

Recipe here.



I’ve tried a bunch of cake in a mug recipes. Seriously. Eggless, flourless, protein cake, you name it, I’ve probably microwaved it. To be frank, a couple of those cakes exploded all over my mug and microwave, and the cleanup was not worth the messy cake. The key, I think, is really mixing the ingredients well and keeping a careful eye on things.

Also, I love funfetti. There’s something about the inclusion of rainbows in cake batter that just feels...right. So check out my girl Brandi from PopSugar explaining how to make funfetti in—you guessed it—the microwave.

Recipe here, also check out this article about all things funfetti.


No matter what ingredients you have or where you live, it’s still quite possible to cook for yourself! What better way to get ahead on jumping into the “real world” than to learn a few cooking skills (even basic microwavable skills) and enjoy the products of your labor in the process!


Image Credit: Annmarie Morrison, 1, 2, 3