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5 Laci Green Videos You Must Watch

If you haven’t heard yet, Laci Green is coming to campus this Monday. YouTube star, social advocate, and overall wonderful human being, Laci Green is an Internet person worth spending some (virtual) time with.  In preparation for her visit, I’ve compiled a list of the five videos you absolutely have to watch. Enjoy, collegiettes!


No, not that f-word. She’s talking about feminism.


**Trigger Warning: This video talks about sexual harassment and sexual assault, which may be triggering for some viewers.**

Laci discusses the serious issue of victim blaming, specifically in instances of sexual harassment or assault, and how it affects society as a whole.


We all need some help sometimes. In this video, Laci gives advice to college students about sex, relationships, and academics.


Why are girls taught that periods are something to be ashamed of? It’s a natural cycle that some bodies go through! Laci talks about what’s up with society’s views of periods and why these views are harmful to women.

5. “WHY I’M A FEMINIST *gasp*

This is probably my favorite Laci Green video. She lays it all out on the line and gives more than 50 reasons why she is a feminist.

Because I can’t limit it to just five, I also highly recommend watching “SEX OBJECT BS,” “FAKING ORGASM,” and “Losing Your VIRGINITY?!”

Don’t miss Laci Green’s talk on Monday, September 22 at 7:30 PM in Rosse Hall!

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