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The 5 Best Things That Happen When Faculty Kids Come to Visit

This past week, the residents of Norton Hall were graced with the presence of Faculty-in-Residence Alexandra Bradner’s adorable 10- and 6-year-old kids. Besides the fun of having a few new faces around, many of us freshman had the chance to forget the years that separated us from elementary school and embrace the good old days, when being able to stay up past 10 o’clock was the most pressing concern in our lives. Here are some awesome highlights of the week:

1. Playing board games we hadn’t seen in years: Remember how much you used to love Twister? Yeah, neither did we.

2. Seeing Kenyon through the eyes of a child: “That’s the dining hall carousel, where the food goes around and around!”

3. Realizing we had begun to edit what we said: “The lounge is taken? Oh––darn. That––stinks.” 

4. Putting work aside to play “Truth or Dare.” Where “dare” is the only right answer and moving is mandatory.

5. Introducing them to college as a totally fun, not stressful thing at all: They won’t have to know the truth for another few years, but at least until then they will go on thinking that the purpose of college is to eat snacks and do cartwheels in the lounge.

Unfortunately Professor Bradner’s two kids and their terrier mix have already left, but we hope they’ll be back to visit soon and remind us how to have a blast the old fashioned way!

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