4 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Mornings are hard, it’s just a fact—and after getting to sleep in for three weeks over winter break it may be especially painful to wake up for your new 8:10 this semester. But the shorter you can make your morning routine, the longer you get to sleep in, and when you have to wake up super early every extra minute is a blessing. We have a few tips for how to speed up your morning routine:

1.     Put your alarm on the other side of the room—This way you have to physically get out of bed in order to turn off your alarm before it wakes up your roommate. Getting out of bed can be a huge burden in the morning, and if you can do it right away it will shave several minutes off of your typical morning routine when you might otherwise lie in bed. Just make sure you avoid the temptation to turn off your alarm and crawl back into your bed with your comfy sheets, and your soft pillow, and oh god it’s so early…

2.     Take your shower at night instead of in the morning—For some people, taking a shower is a vital part of their morning routine, but if you take a shower at night instead you can cut a lot of time out of your morning routine and get a few extra minutes of sleep. Plus, this way if you choose to let your hair air dry it won’t freeze in the cold Gambier air.

3.     Lay out your clothes the night before—How much time do you waste every morning standing in front of your closet trying to decide what to wear? Take a few moments to think about what you'll need the night before. Check the weather, check if you've got that KenyonFit class after rehearsal, and lay out the neccessary scarves and sneakers you may need. If you pick out an outfit the night before, all you have to do in the morning is throw it on—no deliberation necessary!

4.     Eat a breakfast bar in your room—Breakfast is important, but it can be extremely hard to build in extra time to go to Peirce before your first class. If you have some breakfast bars in your room, however, you can eat something quick and healthy to ensure you have enough energy for your classes without having to take too much extra time in the morning. And, breakfast bar bonus: you can also grab it and go if you're running a lil late.

With these tips, hopefully you’ll be able to get a few precious extra minutes of sleep in the morning. Good luck with the new semester! Pretty soon, that 8:10 will be a badge of honor. You've got this.