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4 Study Spots Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

1. Gilmore Girls//The Sunset Cottage Porch:

Now that the snow and ice have finally let up and maintenance has cleared the wasp’s nest, which invaded early into fall semester, the upstairs porch of Sunset Cottage is once again available for sunny afternoon study sessions. The essence of the cottage is reminiscent of Star’s Hollow, bringing to mind Lorelai’s fixer-upper inn.

The wooden floors are a bit on the warped side. The boards creak, and sometimes the deck’s foundation sways at even the most minute movements, but on clear days and warm evenings, this quiet little alcove is my favorite place. Students buzz beneath you as they trickle in and out of classes, much like Chilton. It’s the perfect pavilion for people watching, one of Rory’s favorite past times, and when a long essay needs writing, there are few places better suited for the job. Also, this location comes highly recommend for catnaps!

True Gilmore Style: Head to Wiggins Street Coffee or the Gambier Deli after studying for a meal or coffee worthy to be served at Luke’s Diner.

2. Downton Abbey//The Foyer Above Peirce:

Few students aimlessly venture up the staircases of Peirce, but those who have surely have seen the Downton Abbey-esque receiving area. A few chairs and a coffee table overlook the Great Hall, better known as “Old Side.” It’s seldom occupied, and it’s always quiet. Clanking of dishes and echoes of laughter drift up to the parlor-like location periodically. The Victorian styled armchair sits next to a coffee table just large enough for a cup of tea, lunch, the paper, or a few good books. 

3. The Office//Study Carrels:

Let’s face it, sometimes we’re all a little like Dwight. We need to be left alone to get our work done, and we’re the only person qualified for the job. (No, you don’t believe you’re superior to the billions of other members of the human race as Dwight does, you just quite literally have a responsibility to do your assignments.)

If you’re roommate is a little like Jim or Michael Scott, however, and you’re finding it impossible to get any work done in your own room, like Dwight, you can have your very own cubicle. Check out a study carrel from the library where no one can disturb you. Just like Dwight, one little window can separate you from the real world and you can safely look out at the lesser beings as they waste away.

4. The West Wing//Conference Rooms of the KAC:

If you need a white board to map out your essay or prefer a guise of professionalism, then check out the KAC conference rooms. They tend to be abandoned, but they’re available for reservation. They provide privacy, as well as the aesthetic experience for any West Wing or House of Cards fans.

Bonus Points: Meet in the conference room for a group project and come dressed for success. We all know that a group projects can drive us to the ninth circle of Hell. We might as well look like the future leaders of the country while we do it. 

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