4 Alternate Uses for Shaving Cream During No-Shave November

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Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when hipster beards are fully out and proudly on display, leg hair peeps out between that one-inch gap between your cuffed jeans and your artfully scuffed name-brand hiking boots, and tiny little hairs start becoming barely visible on the upper lips of high school boys. That’s right, everyone! No-Shave November is upon us all. What started out like a month dedicated to raising awareness for cancer and raising money for patients and disease research has, for many, turned into an excuse to be lazy and tuck those razors in for their typical winter hibernation a bit early. But hey, before you hide away all those shaving accouterments to never be seen again until the snow melts, think again! That shaving cream just might come in handy more than you think. Before we begin, let’s say a quick thanks to Skintimate for sending Kenyon’s chapter of Her Campus some wonderful shaving cream samples so that I could have ample material to brainstorm with. Thank you, Skintimate!


1. Make Some Slime

Yes, that’s right! Using just shaving cream, borax, human blood, glitter, food coloring, and a little pixie stix powder left over from Halloween, you too can have that magical slime that all the kids have been going crazy over. Why just last week you heard your Aunt Sharon talking to your little cousin Becky about those slime videos going crazy on facebook. Who wouldn’t like a slice of that hot action?


2. Make Yourself a Fake White Beard and Pretend to be Santa

Look at the joy on this young man’s face! This is a boy having the time of his life! And what is it that’s separating us from him? Nothing but an easily applied shaving cream beard. Maybe if we all look like jolly old men, Christmas time will come early and we can all overindulge in some nice milk and cookies? Eh, a girl can dream.


3. Sneak Attack Your Friends & Spray them with Shaving Cream like it’s Silly String

Nothing screams “good idea” more than surprising your friends with some good ole-fashioned rough n’ tumble fun! I’m certain that all people would love having an unidentified white substance sprayed on them by someone they love and trust. Not to mention, the foamy texture and light, fresh scent will linger for hours after you remove it from skin and clothes! What a perk!


4. Actually Ingest the Shaving Cream

This is the only logical next step in the string of crazy internet eating challenges. The tide pod challenge is so outdated and blasé— why not replace it with something a little foamier? Make shaving cream a tasty addition to your next Peirce salad or use it as a replacement for chipotle mayo on your next panini. Do whatever you have to do to actually give your food a little spice and flavor in preparation for the upcoming kale season.  


So, there we have it— just a few of the many wonderful uses of an underrated personal hygiene product. However, I will say in all seriousness, if you personally decide to keep shaving during no-shave November or if you are considering new shaving products to use during the rest of the year, Skintimate’s shave cream & skin conditioner is an awesome product and will help make your skin silky-smooth and super hydrated post-shave. It’s our choice to shave or not to shave, so if shaving is your thing you might as well make it as indulgent and full of self-care as possible by using a super lovely shaving cream! And, hey, if you want to indulge in my other silly suggestions, this product will work great for that as well. I hope you continue to enjoy shaving cream all throughout this hairy season, and I wish you all a very happy no-shave November!


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