10 Thoughts You Have in the Library After Midnight

Staying in the library can be a little rough after it has gone dark and nearly everyone has left, but don’t despair. We’re all probably in the same sleep-deprived, slightly-hostile  boat. And we all think these at some point or another.

1. What’s that guy majoring in? Really Loud Typing?

2. I wish I brought my phone charger.

3. It’s literally colder in here than it is outside.

4. Did I just type that entire free response question into the search bar? Yep.

5. Seriously, am I really gonna need to derive functions to get by in the working world? *closes book*

6....Yes. *opens book*

7. Crap, that was a super loud swallow. Now she probably hates me because I swallowed so obnoxiously. She was probably working on her, like, Nobel Prize research before it was interrupted by my swallow. Wait. She’s wearing headphones.

8. Did anyone else just hear a small animal running through the stacks?

9. Is that the sunrise?

10. Wow, this carrel graffiti really hits home.

Happy studying! But remember to take breaks (and a nap or two) once in a while.