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10 Things the Kenyon Fund Does for You

This past school year, I’ve been working for Alumni Giving as a Phonathon caller. Twice a week, I call alumni and parents about the Kenyon Fund. Although most seasoned alumni and parents generously and routinely give to the Kenyon Fund, there are those who are more skeptical and, thus, hesitant to commit. My job is to inform them on how important their contribution is, even if it’s only a $1. That dollar can be put into different designations, like Scholarships and Financial Aid or Athletics and Physical Fitness, allowing the giver ultimate control over which area his/her gift will impact.

It’s important to educate parents and alumni on Kenyon Fund’s value, but it’s especially so for those who are currently benefiting from it: you. Here are some of the wonderful things the Kenyon Fund does for students.

1. Keeps your class size small

The difference between a small liberal arts college and a big university is, well, size. In most of your classes at Kenyon, there are less than 25 people. That’s not something our neighbors at OSU can say. You, your parents, and alumni all value this intimate classroom setting and gifts to K-Fund’s Academic Support keeps it that way.

2. Attracts your super smart and dedicated professors to teach here

You know those professors who make you feel more enlightened just by being in their presence? The same ones who inspired you to choose (or change) your major? Without the help of K-Fund’s Academic Support, we wouldn’t be able to attract such amazing professors.


3. Funds your research     

Kenyon encourages student’s curiosity by providing interesting and diverse classes ranging from Quest For Justice to Rocket Science. The K-Fund’s Academic Support helps gives you the opportunity to feed your curiosity outside the classroom by conducting ground-breaking work with the guidance of a professor in your field of interest.

4. Funds your team and your workouts

Kenyon is not only brains, but also brawn. Our teams are leaders in their division and our athletic facility is a leader in innovation. Whether you’re an athlete, an avid spectator, or a KAC head, the K-Fund’s Athletics and Physical Fitness division helps make it all possible. It  benefits our twenty-two varsity sports (eleven for men, eleven for women), more than a dozen club sports, the popular intramural program, and the ever-expanding fitness and recreational offerings based in the Kenyon Athletic Center.

5. Allows your friend to be the first in his/her family to attend college


The K-Fund’s Hannah Moore Scholarship is awarded to an exceptional first-generation student every year. You might not know it but your friend, classmate, or roommate might be benefitting from this scholarship!

6. Keeps your campus beautiful

Do you like to brag about how Kenyon has the 2nd most beautiful campus in the country? Alumni and parents do too, and that’s why they donate to Campus Preservation and Beautification.

7. Gives your CA the funds to make cookies or order pizzas for your hall

Do you remember that time your Community Advisor made your hall cookies during finals week or ordered pizza on a Friday night? Well, as generous and loving as your CA is, they most likely didn’t pay for those goodies out-of-pocket. CAs are given funds from Reslife to throw community events, which is supported by K-Fund’s Residential Life: the Kenyon Community designation.

8. Supplies your clubs with the funds they need to operate

Count how many clubs you’re involved in. Considering you’re a Kenyon Student, that number is probably substantial. Kenyon wants its students to explore their interests and build communities through clubs. Each club is given the resources it needs to operate through Residential Life: The Kenyon Community.

9. Makes Kenyon more sustainable

If you take pride in attending a school that’s committed to being environmentally friendly, then you should thank those who donates to K-Fund’s Green Kenyon. The gifts there goes towards things like campuswide recycling, the composting of food waste, high-efficiency appliances, citrus-based cleaning products, sophisticated energy monitoring and control, an energy-generating elevator, low-flow water devices, and electric cars.

10. Helps you and your parents pay Kenyon’s tuition

Around 65% of Kenyon students receive need-based financial aid, averaging $46,000 per package. Those who designated their K-Fund gift to Scholarships and Financial Aid are helping finance your education.

If you aren’t on financial aid, you’re still on a “silent scholarship,” because the cost of educating a Kenyon student is actually $64,799, meaning there’s $3,699 you and your parents are not paying thanks to the Kenyon Fund.

I’m hoping this article helped shine a light on how integral the Kenyon Fund is to your life at Kenyon. These gifts help fund your day-to-day activities and even your tuition. When you become an alumni or soon-to-be alumni (AKA a senior), remember what the Kenyon Fund did for you during your four years and continue the tradition of paying it forward.


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