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10 Female YouTubers You MUST Watch




Let’s be honest with ourselves: we all waste too much time online, even during these last few weeks of the school year. While you’re spending those hours watching Netflix or scrolling through Tumblr, you might become bored with what your go-to options have to offer. If this sounds like you, never fear! We’ve compiled a list of ten ladies of YouTube whose videos you have to check out. They’re funny, they’re nerdy, and best of all, and they are paving the way for future generations of women online!


1.     Grace Helbig: Grace deserves to start off this list because she is a total package—funny, smart, relatable, quirky, and (because she is these four things) successful. Whenever I watch one of her videos, by the end of it I am in a better mood than when I started.

              Suggested Video: YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY


2.     Emma Blackery (emmablackery): Emma has a very unique personality that makes all of her videos—whether she is doing sketch comedy or giving life advice—special. She’s an incredibly brave individual who stands up for her opinion. Plus, she has an adorable little pet hamster, so if you watch enough videos you’ll probably get to see him!

             Suggested Video: Just Girly Things


3.     Carrie Hope Fletcher (ItsWayPastMyBedtime): There are so many reasons to love Carrie. Check out this article to read about some of them!

Suggested Video: How To Feel Confident


4.     Brylarly Bishop: Bryarly is a down-to-earth and very talented woman whose videos always put me in a better mood. Sometimes this is thanks to the soothing sound of her singing voice, or sometimes it’s because she discusses a topic that I’ve been struggling with and she helps me figure out a problem. So, Bryarly is an especially good option during these stressful weeks of school.

            Suggested Video: Criticism


5.     Hart (hartbeat): This lady is an electric presence on YouTube. As a woman of color and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she is not afraid to speak out against injustice that she faces in her daily life. Whether she’s talking about something serious, like discrimination, or not, she always does so with a humorous tone. Her humor is what makes her so accessible to audiences.

Suggested Video: Watermelon…


6.     Marina Watanabe (marinashutup): Often referred to as YouTube’s favorite feminist, Marina provides deadpan humorous commentary on racial and gender inequality. Her style might not appeal to everyone, but her insight is undoubtedly worth listening to.

Suggested Video: Myths About Feminism


7.     Laci Green (lacigreen): Laci Green is another prominent voice for feminism on YouTube. Click here to learn more about her from back when she visited Kenyon!

Suggested Video: WHY I’M A…FEMINIST *gasp*


8.     Mamrie Hart:  Mamrie’s personality can pretty much be summed up in two words—eccentric and punny. She is well known for her show You Deserve a Drink, in which she gives a recipe to make a drink while drinking said drink and making terrible puns about the drink. It is so entertaining.

           Suggested Video: New Year’s Eve Grape Expectations


9.     Hannah Hart (MyHarto): Hannah is not related to Mamrie, though they are best friends! Coincidentally, Hannah also is best known for her alcohol-related show, My Drunk Kitchen. The show is hilarious and the recipes actually sound delicious! Hannah also plays a very vocal role as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

          Suggested Video: MY DRUNK KITCHEN: No Quitter Fritters


10. Sabrina (Nerdy and Quirky): The youngest person on this list, Sabrina is one of the most impressive ladies on YouTube. Not only is she relatively young for a successful vlogger, but she’s also a woman of color and, obviously, a girl. She has faced a lot of negativity during her time online, but has endured it all to deliver insightful and funny content for years.

          Suggested Video: She is Someone


Too often, female YouTubers are not taken as seriously as their male counterparts. We see this problem everywhere—in the music industry, in Hollywood, and in the business world. It is an unfortunate manifestation of sexism in our daily cultural lives. Thanks to these ten women, though, the female gender is being represented well on the Internet.

Class of 2017 at Kenyon College. English major, Music and Math double minor. Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Accidentally singing in public, Eating avocados, Adventure, and Star Wars.
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