10 (and a Half) New Songs by Queer Artists, In Honor of LGBTQ History Month

The best month of the year is officially upon us—October!  This means not only the start of spooky season, but also of LGBTQ History Month.  LGBTQ History Month is about remembering and appreciating the queer activists who fought and continue to fight for the expansion of  LGBTQ rights and the liberation of the community. Activism comes in many different forms, and sometimes something as simple as being yourself is a fight.  In honor of this LGBTQ History Month, I’ve decided to shed some light on queer/LGBTQ artists who are changing the world with each new song they release. Here are 10 of my favorite new releases by queer artists: 

1. “Demons”—Hayley Kiyoko 

Hayley Kiyoko has been a powerful queer icon since the release of her 2015 song “Girls Like Girls”.  Since then, Kiyoko has grown and blossomed into an emotional, sensual, bold pop star who is always coming up with new sounds.  “Demons” is the first release from her new project I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit.  It is a catchy tune with a dark undertone—in fact, it’s probably Kiyoko’s darkest song yet. It is an eerie song with a powerful beat to back it up, making it a well-timed bop for this October.

2. “Lights Up”—Harry Styles

Released on this year’s National Coming Out Day, “Lights Up” seems to be a song about the exploration, discovery, and acceptance of sexuality.  Harry Styles surprises us with a new sound once again, but it is less surprising that he absolutely kills it. The song’s groovy sound and lovely message make it so enjoyable.

3. “bad idea!”—girl in red

girl in red is a bedroom pop/indie artist with a very specific style.  “bad idea!” is featured on her newest album, chapter 2.  It has a moody sound and tells a message of regret.  “bad idea!” is one of girl in red’s spunkiest songs, and it is a must-listen!

4. “Good Thing”—Zedd and Kehlani 

“Good Thing” is basically 3 minutes and 31 seconds of Kehlani flexing on her haters.  It’s a feel-good jam with an enticing melody throughout the verses accompanied by a nice beat drop.  After listening, you’ll probably want to tell off your boss and trash something, like Kehlani and Zedd do in the music video. 

5. “Flickers”—Wrabel

“Flickers,” a song on Wrabel’s latest album, One of Those Happy People, is simply beautiful.  It tells the story of hope, love, and heartbreak.  Wrabel’s vocals in this song are ethereal. This one is definitely a tear-jerker.

6. “Eye on You”—Mila Jam

Mila Jam is a pop powerhouse.  “Eye on You” is a lighthearted, flirtatious pop song that will make you want to dance around your room daydreaming about your crush.  

7. “Clementine”—Halsey 

“Clementine” is the second release from Halsey’s upcoming album Manic.  It is a simple, repetitive melody alongside beautifully poetic lyrics.  It is certainly a sad song that follows Halsey as she explores her self-identity, her flaws, and her perspective.  The opening line, “I’d like to tell you that my sky is not blue, it’s violent rain,” is a powerful setup and an accurate introduction to the journey the song will take its listener on.

8. “Closer To You”—Clairo 

Indie dream-pop artist Clairo’s popularity exploded with the release of her newest album Immunity.  I love nearly every song on this album, and though I can by no means pick a favorite, “Closer To You” is one I tend to listen to on repeat.  The melody is catchy and never fails to put me in a good mood. “Closer To You” is a perfect strolling-down-the-street song.


8.5. “Feel Something”—Clairo 

I couldn’t resist putting two Clairo songs on this list.  “Feel Something” is another one of my favorites from Immunity.  Although Clairo has a pretty consistent sound, the emotional vibe of “Feel Something” differs greatly from “Closer To You.”  “Feel Something” makes me… well, feel something.  I put this on when I’m feeling nostalgic, lonely, heartbroken.  The lyrics are all too real, and the power and rush of the chorus really tug at your heartstrings.      

9. “Everybody Dies”—Kim Petras

Kim Petras is a vocal powerhouse and a Madonna-esque popstar queen.  Her new album Turn Off the Light is a Halloween-themed, sinister masterpiece.  My favorite song from the album is definitely “Everybody Dies.”  It’s not the spookiest song on the album, but the melody is captivating, the lyrics are bold and clever, and Petras’ vocals are stronger than ever.

10. “Ain’t Together”—King Princess

What can I say?  King Princess is a goddess.  If you are familiar with her, you agree.  If you don’t know her, you will agree, once you check out anything she has ever made.  “Ain’t Together” is one of her newly released tracks from her upcoming album, Prophet.  This song can appeal to basically any mood.  It has a nonchalant melody contrasted with emotional lyrics that tell the story of a complicated relationship.  The easy tune mixed with the topic of complex love is a recipe for musical genius. 


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