Youtubers You Should Be Watching, But You're Not

If you aren't watching Youtube or dying to be apart of the Vlog Squad, wyd?? Most of my days, the best part is keeping up on all of my subscriptions on Youtube. If you aren’t in the know or wishing you too, we're getting free cars from David Dobrik, check out these Youtubers below to catch up!

  1. 1. Audrey Mika

    She’s 18, she uses a bright pink microphone and covers pretty much every Billie Eilish song, what is better than that? If you’re super into singers or just into finding new voices I 100% recommend following Audrey.

  2. 2. Patricia Bright

    She reviews fashion and gives us the #realdeal. Every video of hers has me actually dying of how funny it is and have found some of my favorite online shopping websites. Check her out if you want to LOL IRL.

  3. 3. Kendall Rae

    If you can’t casually talk about conspiracy theories, I recommend watching Kendall Rae STAT (because you're missing out on a lot of stuff you need to know about). She does missing person cases, cold cases and conspiracy cases almost twice a week, always giving us just the right amount of content. Plus she has an awesome podcast with her fellow Youtuber husband.

  4. 4. Yasmyn Switzer

    Nothing is easy about being a teen mom, but Yasmyn is here to show us how good she is at living the best of both worlds (it’s not just for Hannah Montana) and how utterly adorable her daughter, Layla is.

  5. 5. Keaton Milburn

    She’s a fun-loving college girl who is trying her best to become a sports reporter while being an influencer. Talk about living the ~dream~ ( at least we can live through her vlogs)

  6. 6. ThreadsObsessed

    You’re still buying clothes at retail price IN THIS ECONOMY AND ENVIRONMENT? Heck no. ThreadsObsessed is here to show you how to ball on a budget while still getting the cutest clothes at the Goodwill.

  7. 7. Olivia Ruffin

    As if her thumbnails aren’t clickbait enough, she just shows us how easy being a student, abroad vlogger and fashion icon while still holding it together is. #getlikeolivia

After watching all of these #bossgals, you'll have all the inspo and entertainment you need!