Your “First Time” as Told by The Office

Everyone has their "first time" for something in their life. There's your first time walking, riding a bike, first time driving and eventually, your first time having sex. For your first time, it can be hard to know exactly what to expect, and it can definitely be a little confusing. So, to straighten things up I thought it'd best to let The Office go through the events of what losing your v card can really be like. 

Leading up to your first time, you may feel 110% prepared for what you’re about to do. Maybe you’ve taken some advice and wisdom from your more experienced friends or turned to the deep dark web for some tips and tricks. While doing your research does give you a greater sense of preparedness, odds are you are still going feel confused and awkward when it comes down to it. This is completely normal though, the first time for anything is always a little difficult, but just like anything with some practice you’ll get the hang of it.

The word no is probably one of, if not the most important word when it comes to communication during sex. Don’t be afraid to say no to anything that makes you or you think may make you uncomfortable, especially during your first time. If anyone has a problem with that philosophy or makes you feel bad about speaking your mind, they’re definitely not worth the time. It is also equally as important to listen to your partner and respect anything they may say "no" to as well.

So, most likely your first time wasn’t or won’t be some great long, all night love making fest and if it was, well then kudos to you. Depending on whether or not it’s your partners first time as well, the sex may be much faster than you anticipated. Of course, everyone's first time is different, but it may turn out to be more of a short sprint than a 5K fun run for rabies awareness.

For some people, sex for the first time can be pretty painful. Of course, everyone's bodies and experiences are different, I know some people who had no pain at all, and others that found it to be extremely painful. A painful first time is most likely no need to panic or become upset, and don’t worry, with time comes experience, and it won't feel like that forever.

The media can definitely skew our views and expectations of what we want our first times to be like. Maybe you wanted rose petals on the bed, candles lit all around the room (first of all; fire hazard), or sultry romantic music playing in the background. Either way, it definitely isn’t uncommon to ask yourself “what the hell” when it’s all over. It’s important to make sure your first time is special but to go in having realistic expectations as well. Ah yes, the deed is done, and a new day has come, and with the new day comes a new attitude. Maybe you feel smarter now, more mature now or like an overall changed person. Whatever it is, don’t get caught up thinking you know everything there is to know now. Make sure to always use protection, stay safe and stay smart.  

Yes, Andy, I think we did nail it.