Why I'm Done Apologizing for Myself & You Should Be Too

Almost every single day, I catch myself comparing myself to someone or feeling completely down on myself. And I am not just talking about body image, I often catch myself thinking “She has so much experience in my major, and I don’t,” “She is so much better in this class than I am” and “She seems like she has it together so well.”

The thought of even have to write those down was exhausting. I am so tired of letting myself down, by comparing myself to others. And thinking those thoughts is not fair to myself or the other girl!

Because I owe myself way more than that. 

So that’s it. I am done apologizing for everything I'm not and making excuses as to why I am not like other girls because everything that I am is amazing and so worth recognizing. 

By putting myself down, and often apologizing for something that I am not, I am not letting myself be all that I can be. And the same goes for you. 

If you continue to look at everything you are not, you’re ignoring everything that you are!! Girl, you are so much more than you are letting yourself be. 

So the next time you find yourself saying sorry for who you are, stand up and recognize who you are!!

And like my favorite author, Rachel Hollis says, “Girl, stop apologizing.”