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What Your Favorite Member of One Direction Says About You

One Direction, how I miss them. Those boys provided more serotonin for teen girls than any amount of medication could give them. If you were, and still are a directioner, you understand how hard their breakup was, and even is today. I’ve decided to write this article to “relive” these memories of a better time. So sit back, imagine it’s a time before One Direction broke up, and enjoy the show.

I believe that a person’s favorite member of One Direction says a lot about them. The boys of One Direction were all special in their own unique way, which made it easy to pick a favorite for most people. I’m here today to inform you what your favorite band member says about you.


We’ll start with Harry, because he’s the most “mainstream” one at the moment. I mean, he just won a Grammy (pop off) so I’d say he’s pretty popular right now.

If Harry was your favorite member of the group, you definitely love being the center of attention. You’re outgoing and loud, but in a good way. You always speak what you think, no matter the situation. You’re also probably the type of person that likes to follow the trends, or follows them without even knowing. Harry was always the fan favorite, so hopefully you liked him for reasons other than just “everyone else loves him.” 


Obviously I have to put Louis after Harry. They definitely had something going on between the two of them, who knows, maybe they still do. 

If Louis was your favorite, you’re probably the “comedian” of your friend group. You take pride in being the funny one and also being extremely honest. You tell people like it is, and you always try to live your life to the fullest.



Niall was my favorite. I feel like I should put that out there before starting this. He was the only Irish member of the band and, being Irish myself, I loved him.

If Niall was your favorite, you’re definitely more of a “go with the flow” type pf person. You feel like sometimes people don’t really get you, but you take pride in who you are. You are one of the more outgoing people in your friend group, you’ll talk to everyone.


If Liam is your favorite, you are one of the more mature people in your group. You are extremely focused on your goals and will not allow anyone to get in the way of them, possibly even a friend. This dedication will take you far in life, but remember to save some time for fun!


If Zayn was your favorite, you’re a very mysterious person. You’re probably not a very outgoing person, you might even consider yourself an introvert or shy. You love to be independent and free to make your own choices. You do better flying solo than in a large group. You truly enjoy your own company.

So, who was your favorite? Was any of this surprising? Let me know!

Aislinn Foran

Kent State '24

Aislinn is a sophomore Public Relations major at Kent State University. She enjoys hanging out with her emotional support cat, Snoopy, and just chilling out with friends. Aislinn also works in the Student Media Office, and is a member of CHAARG.
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