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What It’s Really Like to be a Red Bull Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

How I started with Red Bull

My experience was getting recruited off of LinkedIn. I was reached out to by my current boss who asked me to apply, but anyone who’s in college near a Red Bull region is free to apply on redbull.com/jobs. I’m not some pro LinkedIn person though, I just had all of the sections of my profile done & my boss said that’s usually what she looks for! It shows you put in effort & show employers all you can.

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What do I really do?

So what do I actually do on the job? It’s usually a minimum of 5 hours per shift and you basically just fill up the Mini Coopers with coolers of the product and head out to whatever city you were told to go to that day. Essentially your shift is just going to different work spaces, colleges, or events and giving people a surprise extra boost of energy. We also answer any questions people have and generally just get people to try out Red Bull if they never have before.

I also do something fun where I work directly on Kent State campus to talk to students completely on my own. I work on special projects on campus and try my best to get opinion leaders on campus to influence the rest of the students on their Red Bull use.


Funny story

I think the most fun part of my job is getting recognized on campus as “the Red Bull girl”. Sometimes I’m out with friends and people will say, “Hey, haven’t you given me a Red Bull before?” and they associate me with the brand. Some people even Snapchat me or message me when they buy their own Red Bull because they thought of me. It’s fun to be associated with such a fun thing like Red Bull.

Would Recommend!

By far, working as a Red Bull Wings team member is one of the best jobs I’ve had while being in school. It’s relatively simple work in that you main task is handing out free merchandise, but strategically. It’s also one of the most fun and rewarding jobs in that you get to work with a huge corporation while in college as well as a corporations that does such fun things like Red Bull goes with their sponsored events. I mean, my first ever shift was going to a music festival for the day- it can’t get much better than that!

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Kayla Tyler

Kent State '21

My name is Kayla Tyler and I'm currently studying Managerial Marketing at Kent State University. In addition to serving as a HerCampus writer for the Kent State Chapter I work for Red Bull, and I'm the Apparel Chairwoman for my sorority Phi Mu. I decided to write for HerCampus thanks to my background in attending an all girls high school; it was there where my passion for the female empowerment movement first began. I account that institution and those girls to the woman that I am today. My interests of topic might range from fashion to mental health issues, but the overarching theme is always to have women help other women.
Junior at Kent State, with a mojor in journalism and a minor in fashion media. I like to write about fashion, lifestyle and Harry Styles.