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What is on My Birthday/Christmas List This Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

As a January birthday, I usually just make one big list to give to my mom that works for both birthday and Christmas lists. This makes it easier on her, and it gives me some sense of surprise because I don’t know what I will be getting when.

I also make my list pretty long, even though I obviously won’t get everything. I do this because I like to give my mom a lot of options, or maybe even ideas for more unique gifts, and then still provide a sense of surprise for me when I find out which ones she chose.

It is my honor to now present to you: My Christmas List. That was dramatic for no reason, but that’s just who I am. Anyways, I hope you can find some gift inspo for your own list or for ideas for others!

Also: Hi Mom!

Taylor Swift Merch

My mom spoiled this surprise for me already, or I guess I did because I asked her for it and told her to buy it before it sold out. But, on my Christmas list this year is the All Too Well Scarf (to go with my cardigan of course!) and a pair of Swiftie Sweatpants my mom insisted I had to have.

Starbucks Gift Cards

This one is a staple, but also an easy, go-to one for your hard-to-shop-for family members or friends. There’s something for everyone at Starbucks, and there’s one close to everyone!

Redbubble Stickers

I, for one, LOVE Redbubble stickers. I love to put stickers on my laptop, and Redbubble has an unlimited array of stickers made by so many different artists. You can literally look up anything on that site and you will find at least a few stickers. I highly recommend getting Redbubble stickers as a gift for someone.

Target Gift Cards

When you don’t know what type of gift card to buy someone, you literally cannot go wrong with a Target gift card. I have never met a person who doesn’t enjoy a Target run. Target has literally everything, making it the perfect gift for someone who is hard to buy for. They can use it for clothes, makeup, books, food, literally anything they need. PERFECT GIFT.


This year, I’ve recently become a bead addict. I can’t go into a Joannes or Michaels without leaving with at least two strands of beads. I’m obsessed with them. I found little ladybug ones the other day and I almost cried because they were so cute. Jewelry making supplies in general are on my Christmas list. They’re so fun and relaxing to make. I’m literally obsessed. 


I have always been obsessed with reading, honestly since I learned how to read. I’m obsessed with buying new books, even though I still have a bunch on my bookshelf I have to read first. If someone were to pick out a book and give it to me because they thought I would like it, my heart would literally melt. I feel like it’s so thoughtful to give someone a book because you have to actually put some thought into whether they would enjoy it or not. Also..shameless book instagram plug…@arfbooks


Squishmallows are all the rage now. I personally love them and have like 5 already. But as an avid stuffed animal lover myself, which I am not afraid to admit, I can always appreciate more stuffed animals, especially Squishmallows. They are literally the most comfortable stuffed animal ever. You can hug them, use them as a pillow, the options are endless. They are a gift I would love to get and I think everyone should add them to their Christmas list. 

Athletic Clothing

Something that inspires me to workout more and get healthy is receiving new workout clothes! I personally love Aerie’s workout clothes, but that could have been because I used to work there…but anyways, workout clothes are a great way to give someone an inspiring gift and something that can inspire them for the new year to achieve their goals!


Normally, I’m not a huge shoe person, but lately I have been obsessed with Lugged Converse. I only have two pairs, but I am literally obsessed and I want more. I personally really want the brown and the white ones. I’ve never felt like I needed a pair of shoes to go with every outfit, but I NEED a pair of lugged converse to go with every outfit.


This might be more of a personal thing, I don’t know many people who still use CDs like I do. I just LOVE the nostalgia of popping a CD into my car and reliving my childhood self, jamming out to CDs in her room. I have been hunting every thrift store lately to try and acquire every Taylor Swift CD I can. Unfortunately the ones I had when I was little were lost in all the moves I went through, but I want to reunite with them all again. It’s a hard gift, but a very special one. 

There ya have it! My personal Christmas/Birthday list for this year. I hope this helped you create your Christmas list, or was at least somewhat entertaining!

P.S. Have a good day Mom!

Aislinn Foran is a Junior Communications Major with a minor in Public Relations . She is the current President of the Kent State Her Campus Chapter. Aislinn loves all things social media and dreams of one day having her dream job as a brand social media specialist. She loves to write about pop culture, books, and music/concerts.