What I'm Jamming to on My Walk to Class

We all have that playlist that we go to every morning on our walk to class. Here is a glimpse into my top five songs on that list. 

  1. 1. Circles by Post Malone

    Austin Richard Post, Post Malone, will always hold a special place in my heart, so you know I had to add his latest single off his upcoming album "Hollywood's Bleeding." 

  2. 2. Teeth by 5 Seconds of Summer

    I don't know about you, but I've been a 5SOS fan since the One Direction days. Now they did lose me for a while, but with the bops they have been releasing recently I'm officially re-hooked. *Cue me on my fan account again!* 

  3. 3. I Warned Myself by Charlie Puth

    Ok, the only thing I have to address is the...um...choking sound effect. My only comment is...yes.

  4. 4. The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix) by SZA & Calvin Harris

    Now, I'll be honest, I found this song on TikTok, but it is a flippin' bop. The beat just requires me to body roll. Catch me dancing all the way to the journalism building when this song comes up on my shuffle.

  5. 5. Hot Girl Bummer by Blackbear

    Blackbear also holds a special place in my heart (yes, I have a type) so when this song came out, I was all over it. And I wasn't really all about this 'Hot Girl Summer' because well I didn't feel as though the song was a bop, and I don't really like summer. I'm ready for them sad boi hours, ladies.

I hope you found some new songs to add to your stroll to class!