But What if you don't Celebrate Christmas during the Holiday Season?

Holiday season is here, and by “Holiday Season” I mean Christmas with the occasional acknowledgement of other holidays by society, such as Hanukkah. Cities put up their Christmas decorations and Christmas lights, radio stations switch to never ending Christmas music, Christmas movies are played on TV all month and it seems like the only thing people can talk about is Santa Clause. I believe, to an extent, being Jewish during Christmas time is exciting. I love when friends invite me to decorate their trees or celebrate with them because it is not something that I would normally get to experience. Elf is one of my favorite movies, the lights are pretty and the songs are quite catchy, but that is about it. Excessive amounts of anything can be annoying, and Christmas everywhere I look is no exception. Here are a few thoughts about what it is like when you do not celebrate Christmas.

Hearing the sound of a bell ringing outside of a store and turning away without hesitation or yelling back "Happy Hanukkah" to their never ending "Merry Christmas."


Getting excited for Christmas music...


And the excitement quickly ending the second week of November.


Showing up to an ugly sweater party expecting to take home the prize.

Seeing a small shelf of Hanukkah decorations in a world full of Christmas.


Your reaction when one more person tells you they want a white Christmas.


Trying to explain why you have to eat Chinese food on Christmas day.


Constantly being asked if it is annoying when people ask you about your thoughts on Christmas.


And worst of all, the fact that the lights and decorations pop up the day after Halloween and stay up until Valentines Day.