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What if coffee went extinct?

What if we lived in a world where cafés like Starbucks closed forever? No more seasonal lattes (yes, pumpkin spice), no more iced macchiatos and no more coffee… What if our favorite caffeinated beverages were no longer a part of our lives?

For a coffee addict like myself, this would be a major travesty. Not being able to wake up and have a strong cup of joe every morning would be the end of the world. I once went without coffee for a couple of weeks, and I couldn’t function properly. It has become a daily need in my life. I’m such a coffee addict that I could be hooked up to an IV filled with coffee every day.

But why would I bring up the idea of coffee going extinct?

According to an article from CNN, the need for coffee is on the rise, but the quality of coffee is on the downfall. Due to the climate change, Ethiopian coffee – one of the world’s largest coffee producers – is beginning to lose its delicious taste. It’s not that the amount of coffee produced will decrease, but its quality will become poorer. And who wants poor quality when it comes to their coffee beverages?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want poor quality coffee. Even though coffee is still available and delicious, this article made me think of what it would be like if coffee didn’t exist anymore. I can picture the coffee lovers crying at the Starbucks windows, peering into the empty café with the most saddened looks on their faces. Especially with it being pumpkin spice season… I’m already thinking about having to experience the withdrawal, and I feel uneasy with having to go through the side effects that come along with the process.

With caffeine withdrawal, these are some side effects that may occur:

Consistent headaches. Trust me, Tylenol won’t save you.

Unexplainable drowsiness. Let’s be honest, you most likely slept walk to class if you forgot to drink a cup of coffee this morning.

Depression. My happy place is in a cute café with a warm cup of joe. You better believe I’m going to be depressed if I can’t be in my happy place.

Anxiety. One would agree that having too much caffeine can cause anxiety, but so does having too little of it. Especially when you’re used to drinking a cup of coffee every day.

Unexpected dizziness. Yes, caffeine withdrawal can cause you to feel unbalanced. I’ve experienced this symptom, and it’s not a good time.

Becoming unfocused. Caffeine wakes you up and prepares you for the task ahead. Not having this daily dose of caffeine can cause your mind to drift off continuously.

A world without coffee seems inhumane. Sure, there may be coffee alternatives, but nothing beats that beautifully bitter and natural taste. Coffee touches the soul in the most comforting way. To have this taken away would ruin humanities sanity. Before reading the CNN article, I never thought much about climate change. Now that one of my favorite things is affected by it, I’m going to learn more and figure out what I can do to help. If you’re a true coffee addict like myself, you’d do the same!

Shelbie studies journalism at Kent State University, while also concentrating in fashion media and writing. She’s a true coffee addict and enthusiast. You can easily find her at a local coffee shop or the campus library. Her career goals include working within the publishing industry, becoming a travel writer and voicing the voiceless in her work. She’s excited to work with Her Campus and see what’s in store for the Kent State chapter.
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