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Ways to Save Money on Your Spring Break Vacay

As spring break approaches, us college students all want that picture perfect spring break we see in movies. Let’s be real though, vacations are expensive. Although us college students don’t need to rise first class or stay in a 5-star hotel, we still want our spring break travels to be enjoyable and memorable. Here are some ideas as to how you can save some money on your spring break.

Don’t buy news clothes for vacay! 

Ask other travelers what they are bringing and decide who can borrow what on that trip. Prices add up like crazy when you buy a $40 swimsuit here and a $50 dress there. Sharing allows you to pack less and you will have more room for other things.



If you’re headed somewhere that is a good driving distance away, carpool! If everyone pitches in $20 bucks for transportation, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal to get to your destination. It may be a struggle finding someone to volunteer to drive, but once gas is subsidized, it could work out.


Stay in a hotel father away from the destination.

If you luck out of staying with your friend’s relatives on their beachfront property, try a hotel that is a driving distance from the beach, city, etc. This will knock down hotel prices a lot, and if there are about four people staying in the room, the prices will be crazy cheap per person. If you have more than the room accustoms, you can bring an air mattress and fit more people in the room to get the individual price down even more.


Pack your food.

Packing your own food will cut down the money tremendously. Also, if you find yourself to be out of food earlier than planned, try a local grocery store for your lunch and dinner. Do treat yourself to a nice restaurant at least once or twice during the trip though.


Watch the bar tab.

In college, you’re going to want to drink until you forget what country you’re in. Try and limit yourself on how much you want to spend on alcohol, because it can rise quickly.

Vacations don’t have to break your bank if you vacation the right way. Being young and on spring break is all about having fun, but be responsible enough to know what you can and can’t afford. I hope these tips helped influence you to text your friends and plan a road trip to wherever your heart takes you. Take every travel opportunity given and don’t let finances think they can stop you. 

Erin Simonek

Kent State

Kent State University | Broadcast Journalism Major | Political Science/ Public Relations Minor 
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